From the day that G-d gave Israel His Torah, the nations of the world became jealous of the Jewish people. That is why the mountain that we received the Torah upon is called Har Sinai (sinai is connected to the world sina, hatred). 

Today we experience this same hatred by many of the non Jewish nations of the world.  Many people perceive Israel as being a wealthy country, blessed with many things…..Israel is top in technology, medical innovations, progress in many fields, and many other blessings. 

There are a lot of people who are unhappy in their lives. They are angry at the problems they have. They are angry at the governments of their countries because of the financial difficulties in today’s world etc. So they look for someone to blame.  They cannot blame Hamas because they know nobody will care. Hamas will not pay attention to them. They cannot blame Syria or Qatar or Russia or Iran….because they know those regimes do not care what anyone thinks.  But they can blame Israel because unfortunately Israel allows themselves to be blamed, constantly worried about world opinion and so on.

So they take up the mantra of the “poor, suffering” Palestinians and how Israel is occupying “their “ land. They do not care if Israel is being attacked, massacred or if the terrorists have an agenda to totally wipe out the Jews, G-d forbid. All they care about is concentrating on the Palestinian “cause” and the Palestinian civilians! 

Wake up world! Every word the terrorists speak is a lie.  They are expert liars. Expert thieves. Expert cheaters.    There is no occupation because the Jewish nation own the land of Israel. It belongs to us because the Almighty gave it to us. Period.

There are no innocent civilians in gaza….they cheer on the terrorists, they do not condemn terror and they support the hamas regime. They stand with evil.  They approve of the attacks against Israel. They even participate in them. And they allow their schools to teach hatred and anti Israel propaganda to small children.

There is no Palestinian cause because there is no Palestine. There is no Palestinian people. This is just a cover up for terrorists .

It is actually disgusting that the so terrorist groups all shout the name of G-d before murdering….they pretend this is a “religious” cause yet they do not keep any of the seven Noachide laws incumbent upon the non Jewish Nations!  What happened to their fear of G-d?? Do not murder! Do not steal! Do not kidnap! Do not commit abortion (which includes not murdering babies in their mothers stomachs). Do not commit adultery!  They break every single commandment and they claim to be “religious”???

The Jewish nation keeps the Torah. We do not steal. That is why the land belongs to us because G-d gave it to us. WE are not stealing it from anyone else. Nobody  else has any legitimate claim to the land except the Jewish people!

This is not even about land, as they pretend it is. This is purely about evil hatred towards the Jewish nation.

We pray the world wakes up to see the truth and fight against it, rather than joining with the evil ones.