Obviously we are all delighted to see any hostages released and returned to their families and we pray all the hostages should be freed very soon in good health.  But were we delighted with the hostage deal or the ceasefire? Absolutely not!   Why? Because negotiation and surrender to terrorists is NEVER a good thing.  It will not bring good results in the long run. Allowing terrorists to return to their homes in Israel and go back to terror activities, cannot be anything beneficial for Israel.  In fact, it is downright dangerous! 

The fact that Israel allowed Qatar, a country that funds and supports and hosts Hamas, is unbelievable. Israel gave in on so many important issues.  So what message does this give Hamas and other terrorists? This method works!    It is like a slap in the face to Israel.

This entire deal is not good for Israel and not even good for the remaining hostages.

It is the Almighty Who frees hostages and He could do so in many different ways….it does not have to be through negotiation with terrorists!  

What would be beneficial, not only for Israel and the remaining hostages, but even for the entire world, is for Israel to stand strong, refuse to give in to any demands of the terrorists, continue bombing and weakening Hamas and Gaza, and at the same time offering the terrorists the only good deal: a total surrender and release of ALL THE HOSTAGES.  That would work when the terrorist see they have no option, they are being destroyed and their demands are being ignored. 

Nevertheless, all of this can change in a moment if Israel will  do what the Lubavitcher Rebbe cried about for years: tell the world the TRUTH. The land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. There is no negotiation on that. And the terrorists have no right to exist if they continue attacking Israel, claiming “occupation” and trying to carry out their evil plans to destroy Israel and take over the world.

Let no one think this is only an Israeli problem. Terrorists want to rule everywhere and force Islam upon the entire world, even though their own Quran does not necessarily advocate for that. But the terrorists use “religion” as an excuse. They are not religious people. They are not true believers in G-d or they would not commit murder, rape, kidnapping, theft etc. etc.   

The entire world has to stand up against terror, against evil and against anyone who wants to kidnap and use innocent people as blackmail to get what they want.   Let everyone voice their protests in the right direction: not in favor of the “civilians” in Gaza, but rather in favor of what G-d wants.  None of those civilians are treating the Jews kindly or helping them. Even when they are freed they kick them, shout curses and treat them with disgust.  There are Gazan civilians hiding the hostages for payment from Hamas.  Those same “civilians” were many of the terrorists who committed the atrocities against Israel and even stole everything from them while the Hamas activists were murdering innocent people.  Noone should have consideration about humanitarian aid for Gaza. Humanitarian aid goes to human beings……. terrorists and their regime are not human beings! They are shameful. Let the world wake up and read the writing on the wall….