A long time ago there was a nation called Amalek: the nation that first attacked the Jewish nation as we left Egypt. It was a nation that wanted to rebel against God and bring fear and doubt into the Jewish people. 

Nowadays there is no longer a single nation called Amalek.  But now, any individual or any nation or group that calls for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people is part of Amalek. 

There is no way to elevate or fix Amalek. It’s “tikun”, or rectification, is only to destroy it. Amalek must be destroyed. This is a commandment in the Torah, in the Bible. 

The nazis were Amalek in their time. Now Hamas is Amalek in our time. Pure evil. And pure evil must be eradicated for the good of the entire world. 

Any  muslim people or countries that sympathize or side with Hamas are also connected to Amalek!  Shame on them. How can any human being side with such evil?  How can any human being approve of the atrocities Hamas committed? There is absolutely  NO justification for any of that, no matter what they claim their “goals” are.

Amalek , back in the days of King Saul in Israel, changed themselves into sheep. That is why Shmuel hanavi told Saul to destroy them all, even the sheep. But he did not understand that the sheep were Amalek warriers who changed into animals….so he did not obey the order correctly.  And from that error came Haman , the arch enemy of the Jews in the Purim story.

Nowadays “amalek” also changes faces: they can pretend to look nice, like sheep,   but they are really evil inside.   They are great at pretending, lying, and eventually striking terror into their victims. They have no fear of God, no kindness, no moral values….

And just as the terrorists chant “from the river to the sea”…..I say let’s change that to sasy: ” from the river to the sea, Israel will be free of Hamas!” Because that is the truth. Good always wins over evil. Light always over powers darkness. We learn that from Chanukah which is approaching very soon. Just a little light nullifies much darkness.