God Almighty put His holy Name on the Jewish people. We are His chosen nation. And just by being a Jew, one is automatically and unconditionally part of this great merit of being the chosen nation.   We carry the King’s Name.  We represent the King of the world.  This is an awesome thought.  As such, we have nothing to fear. God is with us.  We will be victorious against the forces of evil.  Very soon we will greet Moshiach and be redeemed from this darkness of exile.  

Along with being the chosen nation, we need to fulfill the reason we were chosen for: to bring and reveal holiness in the world through observing Torah and mitzvot. Being chosen is a responsibility as well as a privelege. Every person in this world has a mission, a purpose. But the Jewish nation is chosen to be the bearers of truth, and to spread light in the world. The nations will walk by our light.

There is no reason to be apologetic to the world or try to convince anyone of our right to exist, or our right to defend ourselves in our own homeland…..we carry God’s Name. We are a kingdom of priests and a holy nation!  We not only have the right to exist: we are the reason the entire world exists!   Our service of Torah and mitzvot is why God created this world!  Any nation where the Jews dwell is blessed with all sorts of material and spiritual good. When Jews are chased out of their dwelling places, or thrown out of their countries, the blessing leaves with them. So do not be afraid to proudly say you are Jewish, to proudly display your Jewishness.  God is with each and every Jew and we bear His name with joy and true Jewish pride.    Chanukah is a time of great light and miracles for the Jewish people. May this Chanukah bring even greater miracles and may the tremendous light lead to the light of Moshiach