Security of land of Israel



This section of my website concerning the security of the land of Israel is also dedicated in the memory of the Jews who were murdered one Friday night a few years ago, in their home, on the holy Shabbat, by an evil arab terrorist who killed a grandfather, father of several children and the father’s sister while they were about to celebrate the shalom zachor (welcoming into the world of a newborn son). And this section is dedicated to all the other pure Jewish souls who were murdered by evil terrorists simply because they are Jewish. May G-d avenge their blood.

The problem of the arab Israeli conflict is not a new one. From Biblical times Jacov and Esav have been enemies. It is a fight between good and evil.
But what is new is the way the conflict is handled in our modern times. Unfortunately the Israeli govt has had one failure after another in their manner of dealing with this conflict. The results are tragic: terror attack after terror attack, Hashem yirachem. And constantly worrying about what the people in Washington will say or what the world will say instead of worrying about how to protect their own citizens in the land of Israel.
The world constantly tries to utilize the Jewish morality as a way of making the Jews feel guilty not to give away land, trying to claim falsely that the muslims have a claim to our land. We Jews need to be bold and affirm our right to the land of Israel and then the world will acknowledge the truth of the words in the Bible.
The Lubavitcher Rebbe fought very hard for shleimus haaretz (keeping the land of Israel complete) and for the security of Israel. He spoke over thirty years ago with uncanny ruach hakodesh, divine inspiration, and the things that he said then are coming true today.
He saw how each Israeli prime minister makes terrible mistakes due to the pressure they are under to conform to world opinion.
And the Rebbe said that the only way to deal with this situation is to:
1. Put the security of the Jewish people first and put all political agendas aside
2. To speak the truth to the world: that the land of Israel was given to the Jewish people by G-d Almighty and as such we have no right to negotiate or give away one inch of the land or it is as if we are declaring war on G-d. He said we need to stop being afraid and to say clearly there can never be a two state solution because this is our land, given to us by the Almighty. WE are not the occupiers (well, we are occupying our own land if somebody wants to call that occupation) and we are not the aggressors.
The entire concept of having the land of Israel comes from the Torah (the Bible/the Old Testament). Therefore we need to see what the Bible says about it.
In Genesis chapter 15 we learn the story of the covenant of the parts. The Brit Bein HaBetarim, “The Covenant of Parts,” is one of the most important events in Jewish history. In the covenant, God told Abraham about the destiny of his descendants, also known as the Hebrews, the Israelites or the Jewish people: that they would be strangers in a land where they would become oppressed and enslaved (Egypt). Ultimately, however, God would redeem them, and they would inherit the Land of Canaan (the Land of Israel) forever. This is a promise that the land of Israel is given eternally to the Jewish nation ONLY.
The first half of the promise was fulfilled when the children of Israel were subjugated in the land of Egypt. The second half was mostly fulfilled when Joshua conquered and settled most of the land promised to Abraham. Although the Jewish people were later exiled, it was promised to us as an eternal heritage, meaning no other nation has any right to take possession of it whether the Jewish people are exiled or not. The Almighty gave us back a good portion of the land when He allowed us to conquer Israel through the various wars waged, including the 6 day war etc. Now that we are again in possession of and control of our land, we must defend it and protect everyone living there.
We still await the promise to be fulfilled in its entirety when we return to the land with its extended borders as promised to Abraham, with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days.

In parshat Lech Lecha, the Torah says:
Abram dwelt in the land of Canaan, and Lot dwelt in the cities of the plain (Jordan), and he pitched his tents until Sodom.
And the Lord said to Abram after Lot had parted from him, “Please raise your eyes and see, from the place where you are, northward and southward and eastward and westward.  For all the land that you see I will give to you and to your seed to eternity.
And I will make your seed like the dust of the earth, so that if a man will be able to count the dust of the earth, so will your seed be counted.  Rise, walk in the land, to its length and to its breadth, for I will give it to you.”
Here we can see clearly that the Almighty gave the land of Israel (originally called the land of Canaan) to the Jewish nation as an eternal inheritance.

In Parshat Vayeira it is written: And God said to Abraham, “Be not displeased concerning the lad (Yishmael that Sara told Avraham to send away with his mother Hagar because Yishmael was on a wrong path of idol worshipping, murder and illicit behavior) and concerning your handmaid (Hagar); whatever Sarah tells you, hearken to her voice, for in Isaac (Yitzchak) will be called your seed. (So we clearly see that the true descendants of Avraham, meant to carry on the way of Torah and to inherit the land of Israel, are the descendants that come from Yitzchak and ultimately the continuation of the Jewish nation through Yacov and his sons, not the descendants from Yishmael who are the arab nations)

In Parshat Veyeitzei (when Yacov lay down on Mount Moriyah, the site of the future Beis Hamikdash) :
“Suddenly God was standing over Yacov and He said “I am God , the God of Avraham your father, and the God of Yitzchak. I will give to you and to your descendants the land on which you are lying (land of Israel). Your descendants will be as widespread as the dust of the earth, and you will be strong to the west, to the east, to the north and to the south. All the families of the earth will be blessed through you and your descendants. Look, I am with you and I will guard you wherever you go. I will bring you back to this land, for I will not abandon you until I have carried out what I have spoken to Avraham, a promise intended for you (not Eisav).”

In Parshas Vayishlach God says to Yacov:
And the land that I gave to Abraham and to Isaac, I will give to you and to your seed after you will I give the land.”
So we see clearly that the land of Israel was given specifically and ONLY to the Jewish nation.

The Book of Exodus describes the Promised Land in terms of the territory from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates river (Exodus 23:31) with all the territories included within those borders.
To try to divide the land and share it with another nation is against the Torah and is an insult to God Almighty. What do people want to say, that the Almighty could not foresee that in the future it would be necessary to share this land with another nation for the sake of peace? That is precisely why God wrote in the Torah that He is giving the Jews the land of Israel to the Jewish people forever, because He saw the conflicts that would arise from the other nations of the world and He wants the world to know that this land belongs only to the Jewish nation. No other nation has any justifiable claim to it. And the Jewish people have no right to go against God and give away any portion of it. That will never bring peace. Only following what God wants will bring true peace.
There is, in fact, NO source from the Quran that mentions the land of Israel or Jerusalem or the Temple Mount or possessing any land given to them by God. In fact, there are many muslem clergy who claim since Israel belongs to the Jews they advise that it should not be touched or divided or claimed by any non Jews. Even their prophet Muhamed said that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews!

The Lubavitcher Rebbe speaks of the Israel Government’s decision to preserve “the status quo” of the Arabs on the Temple Mount.
“On Mount Carmel Elijah the Prophet called out to the Jews who served idols: “How long will you continue to waver between two opinions?” Choose your path – make the choice! “If the Master is G-d – go after Him”! Do not waver between two views.
In one respect, this is much worse than idol worship. In this instance, they are not even wavering between two views.
Immediately after the military powers of Israel conquered Jerusalem and Hebron, they already knew that there is an official paper from the time of the Turkish occupation in which documents unjustifiably and incorrectly state that the Temple Mount and Cave of Machpela belong to a gentile. This Arab did not make any such purchase (as did Abraham our Patriarch for 400 silver shekels)! Regardless, they left the documents of ownership as it was.”
Public address 13th Tishrei 1977

Unfortunately, we see that many arabs do not want peace. If they want peace, they can live in Israel peacefully with proper respect and appreciation.  Not by having their own “state” but simply be residing in the land in peace.   Unfortunately, many of them do not want peace. They have said it over and over again: their intentions are to take away the land from the Jews and get rid of all the Jews, rachmono litzlan. That is their true agenda.
The arabs speak falsehood constantly. The fake news like CNN and BBC constantly try to show the arab situation, to arouse pity for these terrorists who train their children from a young age to hate Jews, to kill Jews… is such a falsehood that it is almost not worthy speaking about.
And the world is afraid of the arabs so they want to promote their agenda, calling Israel the aggressor, occupiers…..chutzpa!!!
the Lubavitcher Rebbe said once in a farbrengen that if the arabs become chutzpadik and want to make claims contrary to Torah, we need to put them in their place by reminding them that Yishmael (from where the arab nations originate) was the son of maidservant (the son of Hagar, the maid servant of Sara imenu). When we say the truth, even the arabs will back off because they know the truth deep inside. Kelipa falls when confronted by light and truth.
And the truth is that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews. It is clearly in the Torah (the Bible). Nobody can argue with G-d. He chose to give the land to us.
All religions believe in the Old Testament which is the Jewish nation’s Torah. In the Torah (Bible) it is clearly written over 20 times that the Almighty gave the land of Israel to the Jews and to our descendants forever.
Rashi begins his commentary on the very first verse of the Torah in Bereishis (Genesis), and this is the very beginning of all [our discipline and culture]. Quoting the Midrash that the day will yet come when “nations of the world will claim that the Land of Israel belongs to them”. They will begin gradually, first claiming their right to one piece of land, then claiming that another piece of land belongs to them. Rashi therefore starts his entire commentary, “In the beginning”, that we should know a halachic legal decision of Torah, that the time will yet come when they will not openly claim that they intend to steal the Land, that they intend to harm the Jewish People, but to the contrary, they argue “We are an upright people! We are righteous people, we are in pursuit of peace. All we want is peace, but peace can only be built on justice: “you Jews are thieves, you stole the Land!!!!!” This we see before our very eyes today.
Therefore this is the very first thing which is told to a five year old Jewish child when he begins to learn Torah, and the Torah of Truth gives him the rightful response: “This is not an issue of theft, nothing was stolen from anybody”. To the contrary, if nations wish to spare themselves from an existential threat to their countries, one should guide them to stop their talk running contrary to the Will of the Creator, because it “was by His Divine Will that He gave the Land originally to them [the Canaanite nations], and it was by His Divine Will that he took the Land from them, and bequeathed it to the Children of Israel His sacred Nation as an eternal inheritance”.
So to try to divide the land and share it with another nation is against the Torah and is an insult to G-d Almighty. What do people want to say, that the Almighty could not foresee that in 2017 it would be necessary to share this land with another nation for the sake of peace? That is precisely why G-d wrote in the Torah that He is giving the Jews the land of Israel forever, because He saw the conflicts that would arise from the other nations of the world.

There is no occupation because the Jewish nation own the land of Israel. It belongs to us because the Almighty gave it to us. Period.

There is no Palestinian cause because there is no Palestine. There is no Palestinian people. This is just a cover up for terrorists .

It is actually disgusting that the so terrorist groups all shout the name of G-d before murdering….they pretend this is a “religious” cause yet they do not keep any of the seven Noachide laws incumbent upon the non Jewish Nations!  What happened to their fear of G-d?? Do not murder! Do not steal! Do not kidnap! Do not commit abortion (which includes not murdering babies in their mothers stomachs). Do not commit adultery!  They break every single commandment and they claim to be “religious”???

The Jewish nation keeps the Torah. We do not steal. That is why the land belongs to us because G-d gave it to us. WE are not stealing it from anyone else. Nobody  else has any legitimate claim to the land except the Jewish people!

Wake up world! Every word the terrorists speak is a lie.  They are expert liars. Expert thieves. Expert cheaters.    There is no occupation because the Jewish nation own the land of Israel. It belongs to us because the Almighty gave it to us. Period.

G-d knows everything and if anybody tries to go against His wishes, the solution will never work and would only be disastrous.

In contrast please let’s think about the arabs or so called “Palestinians” where none of their sources, such as the koran, mention the land of Israel or Jerusalem or the Temple Mount or possessing any land given to them by G-d. In fact, there are many moslem clergy who claim since Israel belongs to the Jews they advise that it should not be touched or divided or claimed by non Jews. Even their prophet Mohamed said that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews!
So why are they making such a big disproportionate fuss? If they are truly religious they should be happy with the many lands they have and they should stop fighting to take the land of Israel away from the Jews to become a state for themselves. The only land that belongs to the Jews.
They could live in Israel in peace if they respect that Israel belongs to the Jews. Nobody is throwing out peaceful arabs, the way that arab countries threw out the Jews. Everybody could be at peace when everybody agrees and respects G-d’s wishes and the truth.
The arab claim that their ancestors lived in the land of Israel centuries ago is no justification for claiming a right to the land now. Just because the Jews were driven away due to war etc. does not mean the arabs had to come and try to claim our land. They had no business doing that. It is our land! Nobody can deny that. Nobody has any claim to the land of Israel other than the Jews. If the arabs want to live in peace within our land, no problem . But if they dont, why should the world scream about the suffering of the palestinians? Let them go to one of their many arab nations to live. Besides, the so called suffering of palestinians is because they do not have leadership on the arab side that cares for them. That is the reason they suffer.
Now imagine when saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait several years ago. All the people from Kuwait ran away to nearby countries and they left their homes and possessions in Kuwait. Saddam Hussein brought Iraqi people to possess those houses. Now imagine that a century later the people of Kuwait would want to return and claim their houses and possessions again. The Iraqi descendants would argue that they have been living there for so long and it now belongs to them. The correct answer is that since the people of Kuwait left their homes because of invading Iraqi forces, now that they are returning to their country because they have regained their own land, their homes have to go back to them lawfully. It does not matter if many Iraqi families lived in Kuwait after taking over the country. The original owners were the people of Kuwait.
This is the same with the Palestinians. It does not matter if many generations lived in Israel. Originally the land was given by the Almighty Himself to the Jewish people. In fact it would be ridiculous to say that since so many nations invaded Israeli such as the Roman Empire, the Greeks, the Turks, the assyrians etc. they could all claim that the land belongs to them since they lived there. But that is ridiculous. The land of Israel has always belonged to the Jewish people and now that it is the Jewish homeland, everybody should respect that. That is the only way there can be true peace.
To go against the Almighty and try to divide the land will never work as it is not the wish of G-d.
The claim of occupation which the whole world takes up as a mantra, is ridiculous. The Jews are only occupying our own land that G-d Almighty gave us. It has been many other nations including the Palestinians that have been consistently trying to occupy the Jewish land; that want to claim they have a share in this land. But it is not true. Trying to forcefully take the land and claim it is theirs can never work. That is called occupation! They are trying to occupy the Jewish land without any right to do so.
Even if at some point in time G-d decided to exile the Jewish nation from our land, nowhere in the Torah does it say that if we are exiled, another nation can come and take over the land! Absolutly not! The Torah clearly states the land of Israel is given to the Jewish nation for eternity and no other nation can ever claim a right to any part of it, at any time.
In His kindness, the Almighty gave us back our land through the wars and although we do not yet have Moshiach and we are still in a spiritual exile, since Jewish people are now living again in the land of israel, we need to defend its borders and protect its citizens and that is non negotiable.
Everybody who reads this should share it and advise their leaders and everyone they know to respect G-d’s wishes and admit the land of Israel belongs to the Jews and that the arabs have no connection or right to claim any part of it. There are so many arab countries the moslems can live in and even their holy shrine is in Saudi arabia. So if anybody wants real peace it is important they should recognize and work to bring about that the Jewish people should firmly remain in their own land, the land of Israel. That is the only way that peace will come. There can never be a two state solution. Anybody who wants to fight the Almighty, will never win. And we can clearly see that the terrorists are only interested in fighting G-d Almighty and in destroying Israel. They don’t care about truth. They don’t care about anything. They dont value life or morality. They just hate the Jews and provoke without any justification. They have no claim to the land. In fact Palestine never existed and everything they say is falsehood.
So please spread the word everywhere: don’t be afraid to tell the truth that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews because G-d Almighty gave it to the Jews and to give away one inch of it would be wrong and will never work. Once the arguments of ‘occupation” and “two state solution” are off the table, it should be easy for the entire world to stand up and fight terrorism!

The Rebbe was totally against even discussing establishing any sort of palestinian state. The Rebbe said on numerous occasions just talking about giving away parts of the land to arabs leads to an increase in terror and is dangerous for the Jewish people.
We see the arabs just want the entire land. they do not want peace. time and again there have been terror attacks by just speaking about giving away land to the arabs.
Once the arguments of ‘occupation” and “two state solution” are off the table, it should be easy for the entire world to stand up and fight terrorism properly!

We see how the world tries to claim that chevron belongs to the arabs. The Torah clearly shows us how Avraham Avinu bought with his own money kever hamachpela, the burial place for his wife Sara, because he knew in future it would be disputed. Back then Avraham saw with Divine inspiration that the time would come when Chevron and kever hamachpela would be disputed and he wanted to make sure it was clear that he bought it and it belongs to the Jewish nation.

The Israeli govt has lost its dignity. How can we expect the world to respect us if we have lost our own self respect? The entire worry in the Israeli govt is about political agendas rather than security of the Jewish people. Why is it the govt and the army make rules that jewish soldiers cannot kill a terrorist who is supposedly “neutralized”? A terrorist who comes to kill Jews has to be killed first and without mercy. That Israel should “neutralize” him and then take him to a hospital for treatment is the ultimate in lack of Jewish self respect. It is an insult to the terror victims! A terrorist is never truly neutralized because he will go back to terror the moment he is freed from prison. But to prevent soldiers from doing their work properly and to punish them for killing terrorists makes the army weak. It jeapordizes security in the land. Isnt it time to realize Jewish blood is not cheap??? Israel was built on the ashes of the holocaust. How can the govt lose site of why Israel was established and forget to defend the Jews?
And why is it that Netanyahu and virtually all other Israeli prime ministers give in on so many important issues of security and even entertain the notion of giving away parts of the land or of making a two state solution? Only because they are not putting security as their priority and they worry only about keeping world opinion. But cant they see it doesn’t work? The world only looks down at Israel this way. And who cares what the world thinks? We need to do what is right to protect our land and our citizens. We have G-d Almighty on our side. When we do what is right and we speak the truth to the world then we will have true respect and support.
The Rebbe said once that Washington would secretly be happy if the Jews destroy the terrorists….but the Jews are afraid to do so, afraid of what the world will say.

We already see the disaster that happened from throwing the Jews out of Gush Katif. It just encouraged more terror and brought rockets closer to the inner parts of Israel.
Even Shimon Peres admitted it was a mistake to withdraw from Gaza, from GushKatif.
And it has been a mistake to withdraw from any part of Israel, including the Golan.
All security experts agree this makes Israel more vulnerable.
Also we see how every paper Israel signed for so called “peace” was a joke: just a paper that brought no real results. The politicians involved in signing those papers regretted it later and admitted it was all an error. So when will we fix these erros?
G-d Almighty intervened many times to save Israel: each prime minister was ready to give away parts of the land and G-d made the arabs refuse. Open miracles!

The Rebbe spoke so many years ago about the security of the land of Israel. Isnt it time we listen? He spoke with such open ruach hakodesh, divine inspiration. He had a very far vision. It is time we pay attention to his warnings and advice!

An excerpt from a letter by the Lubavitcher Rebbe:
I am completely and unequivocally opposed to the surrender of any of the liberated areas currently under negotiation, such as Yehudah and Shomron, the Golan, etc., for the simple reason, and only reason, that surrendering any part of them would contravene a clear Psak-Din [halachic, legal ruling] in Shulchan Aruch, code of Jewish law (Orach Chavim, sec. 329, par. 6,7). I have repeatedly emphasized that this Psak-Din has nothing to do with the sanctity (holiness) of Eretz Yisra’el, or with the “days of Mashiach,” the Geulah, and similar considerations, but solely with the rule of Pikuach-Nefesh [danger to life]. This is further emphasized by the fact that this Peak-Din has its source in the Talmud (Eruvin 45a), where the Gemora cites as an illustration of a “border-town” under the terms of this Psak¬Din—the city of Neharde’a in Babylon (present-day Iraqi—clearly not in Eretz Yisra’el. I have emphasized time and time again that it is a question of, and should be judged purely on the basis of, Pikua Nefesh, not geography.
The said Psak-Din deals with a situation where gentiles besiege a Jewish border-town, ostensibly to obtain “straw and hay,” and then leave. But because of the possible danger not only to the Jews of the town, but also to other cities, the Shul Aruch rules that upon receiving news of the gentiles (even just making preparations to besiege a town), the Jews must mobilize immediately and take up arms even on Shabbos—in accordance with the rule that “Pikuach-Nefesh supersedes the observance of Shabbos.”
Should there be a question whether the risk does in fact create a situation of Pikuach-Nefesh, then—as in the case of illness, where medical authority is consulted—the authority to make a judgment is vested in the military experts. If military experts decide that there is a danger to life, Pikuach-Nefesh, there could be no other overriding considerations, since Pikuach-Nefesh overrides everything else. Should the military experts declare that while there is such a risk, yet it should be disregarded for some other reason, such as political considerations (good will of the gentiles) this would clearly be contrary to the Psak-Din, for the Psak-Din requires that Pikuach-Nefesh, not political expediency, should be the decisive factor. Now in regard to the liberated areas, all military experts, Jewish and non-Jewish, agree that in the present situation giving up any part of them would create serious security dangers for the Jews in Israel. Noone says that giving up any part of them would enhance the defensibility of the borders. But some military experts are prepared to take a chance in order not to antagonize Washington and/or to improve the “international image,” etc. To follow this line would not only go against the clear Psak-Din, but would also ignore costly lessons of the past. One glaring case in point is “the Yom-Kippur War.” Days and hours before the attack, there were urgent sessions of the government discussing the situation with the military. Military intelligence pointed to unmistakable evidence that an Egyptian attack was imminent, and the military experts advised a preemptive strike that would save many lives and prevent an invasion. However, the politicians, with the acquiescence of some military experts, rejected this action on the ground that such a step, or even a general mobilization, before the Egyptians actually crossed the border, would mean being branded as the “aggressor”, and would jeopardize relations with the USA. This decision was contrary to the said Psak-Din of the Shulchan Aruch, as pointed out above. The tragic results of that decision bore out the validity of the Shulchan Aruch’s position (as if it were necessary), for many lives were needlessly sacrificed, and the situation came close to total disaster, but for God’s mercies. Suffice it to mention that the then Prime Minister, Golda Meir, later admitted that all her life she would be haunted by that tragic decision.
I know, of course, that there are Rabbis who are of the opinion in the present situation, as they see it, it would be permissible from the viewpoint of the Shulchan-Aruch to return areas from E Yisra’el. But it is also known on what information they based this view. One argument is that the present situation is not identical with the hypothetical case of a state of “being besieged by gentiles. A second argument is that the present surrendering of some areas would not endanger lives. That these arguments are based on misinformation is patently clear. The Arab neighbors are prepared militarily; what is more, they demand these areas as theirs to keep, and openly declare that if not surrendered voluntarily, they will take them by force, and eventually everything else as well. A Rabbi who says that the said Psak-Din of Shulchan Aruch does not apply in the present situation is completely misinformed on what the situation actually is.. I was taken to task for placing so much emphasis on the security of Eretz Yisra’el, the argument being that what has protected Jewish people during the long Galus has been the study of Torah the practice of Mitzvos; hence Torah-observant Jews should not consider the inviolability of Eretz Yisra’el as the overriding cause. I countered that they missed the point, for my position has nothing to do Eretz Yisra’el as such, but with the Pikuach-Nefesh of the Jews there—which would apply to any part of the world. It is said that my pronouncements on the issues are more political than Rabbinic. Inasmuch as the matter has to do with Pik Nefesh, it is surely the duty of every Jew, be he Rabbi or layman, to do all permitted by the Shulchan Aruch to help forestall—or, at rate, minimize—the danger. In a case of Pikuach-Nefesh, possible effort must be made, even if there is any doubt whether the effort will succeed.

( The Rebbe said just taking up arms often will avoid further confrontation: the main idea is to show the non Jews that we are strong and will not back down on anything. Once we stand firm, fear will fall upon our enemies and hopefully there will be no need for war)

Purim Koton, 5738 the Rebbe spoke in a farbrengen:
· Purim, 5738: The success which Israel saw in the north was due to the fact that they did it quickly, without taking into consideration the world’s opinion, nor that of Jews who feel inferior. When Jews take a strong stand, they emerge victorious, possibly even without war. The pressure from America is not because of truth and justice, but because they need Arab oil. Settling the entire territory without taking the non-Jews into account prevents pressures and wars. Delaying the settlement of the entire territory strengthens the terrorists, as we have seen in past wars. In a matter of life and death it is obligatory, according to Jewish Law, to ask a military person, who responds according to security considerations and not political ones.

21 Iyar 5748 – May 08, 1988 the Rebbe spoke:

Security for Israel will be achieved by being so strong that the enemies will be too afraid to consider hostility. We already have this strength, but to keep it hidden away and guarded so no one knows of it, defeats its entire purpose. This is the greatest victory, when there is no need to fight in the first place.

Motzoei Shabbos Emor, Eve of 14th Iyar, Pesach Sheni 5738: On the one hand, they announce that Judea and Samaria belong to Jews . On the other hand, they refrain from settling these lands. This only invites pressure from the non-Jews. The practice of compromise has caused loss of Jewish lives and provides a weapon to the enemies of Israel. Because of inferiority feelings, Israel left Sidon untouched — and they announced when a country gives weapons to terrorists, it does not preclude the possibility of friendship. Even an American expert in military affairs expressed shock at the fact that Israel did not conquer Sidon.

Lag BaOmer, 5738: The answer that The Land of Israel belongs to the Jews benefits even the non-Jew. The only claim which can possibly help — and the one they are embarassed to state to the nations — is the claim written in the Torah. Such an inner exile in relation to the non-Jew has never occurred in history — even outside the Land of Israel. The exile-oriented submission before the non-Jew is expressed in everything — in Chochmah, Binah, and Da’as; and in thought, speech, and action.

Motzoei Shabbos Balak, Yud-Zayin Tammuz, 5738: Those who were prepared to surrender the territories, extended the exile and postponed the redemption for many years! The Jewish people is a chosen nation, and one must be proud of this. The purpose of the darkness of the exile is for the Jew to scream out to the Holy One to take them out of exile. A Jew, in essence, cannot become nullified by a majority — only non-Jews do.

Eve of Shabbos Vaeschanan, Tu BeAv, 5738: Jews should stop being embarrased in consequence of the non-Jewish feelings in their hearts and in the world.

20th Menachem Av, 5738: The Arabs state openly that they want to evict the Jews. The Torah predicted hundreds of years ago what would be the fate of every single place where there would be nno more Jews.

Shabbos Re’eh, First day of Rosh Chodesh Elul, 5738: The Jews are the heart of the entire world. We see before our own eyes (from the incidents in northern the Land of Israel) that is impossible to trust the assurances of the Arabs! Removal of supervision and lack of settlement invites claims from Arabs and grave danger. Though the security situation in the Land of Israel is an open miracle from G-d, we require the opinion of a military authority within the framework of nature. Security achieved in stages is like performing a medical operation in stages.

During the visit of the Gerrer Rebbe OBM, 9 Elul, 5738: The Rebbe urged him to strongly publicize the ruling in the Code of Jewish Law. Such a ruling today is very timely. It will strengthen the nation, and will cause the “afraid and soft-hearted” not to interfere. If the words would be spoken forcefully, they would make an impression Above and, automatically, down below.

18th Elul, 5738: The surrender of even one inch of Land of Israel involves danger to life and the prohibition of “not granting them favors.” The only way to true peace is when the peace is according to the Torah. Who knows how long the person upon whom the “Peace” depends will live? Besides preventing Jews from living in Old City Jerusalem and in Hebron — they even want to transfer the civil authority to the Arabs! The same mistake has been repeating itself since the Six Day War — and even previous to that, in the Suez Canal.

Motzoei Shabbos Ha’azinu, Yud Gimmel Tishrei, 5739: It is obligatory to obey everything which is written in Code of Jewish Law — and especially regarding abandoning territory, which is a question of saving lives. Those who call this period the “beginning of the redemption” lengthen the exile! It is impossible to prove from Midrashim something which contradicts an explicit law in the Rambam. All the military experts state that surrendering territory endangers lives. When they confused political considerations with military strategy during the Yom Kippur War, they paid for it with numerous deaths. All the military experts say that a “political solution” endangers lives; especially when “peace” depends in great measure on America — peace can be achieved even without surrendering land. Even though they already ceded land, it is not lost, and they can still take it back. When they state strongly that giving away land endangers lives, it will help. Concession leads to claims and claims bring to more concessions. Even if they do not give away land, Egypt will be forced to make peace. It is through G-d’s Providence that even the gentiles call the talks, “Camp David.”

Simchas Torah Day, 5739 (1979) : The Arabs want it all,and will not settle for autonomy and a Civil Police Force. Even hough the Arabs admit that the Cave of the Patriarchs includes the tomb of Abraham — they did not allow improvement work to be done there.

Motzoei Shabbos Chaye Sarah, 5739: The rabbis must publicize the ruling of the Code of Jewish Law regarding giving away land. When they stand firm on the truth, everyone will submit. Had they only stood firm during the Camp David talks, they would have succeeded in everything. Building a road across the width of Israel to connect Jordan to the Mediterranian means opening the way for all the Arabs. America is only interested in a piece of paper with a signature on it — even if Israel does not give away land. Added vigilance on “Who is a Jew” adds also to shleimus haAretz. Only through standing firm do we arrive at true peace. True Peace comes only from shleimus haAm, haAretz, and haTorah.

In a letter to someone who wrote about the camp david accords and security, the Rebbe wrote back the following:

Since the signing of the Camp David Accords and Treaty, the consequences it has spawned have turned out to be even worse than I feared. Now, some 18 months later, everyone can clearly see that Egypt never intended to keep its promises fully. Right from the moment it took over one segment of Sinai after another, it broke its pledge to keep these zones demilitarized, though for the sake of expediency this matter has been hushed up. Even at this moment Egypt is busily engaged in aggressive military preparations. (The construction of tunnels under the Suez is but one glaring example.)  This should come as no surprise, given the record of broken Egyptian pledges in the period following the Yom Kippur War, and ever since 1948. At the same time, Egypt is demanding, and obtaining, from the U.S. an ever-increasing supply of the most sophisticated weaponry, not to mention what is going to such other “moderate” Arab states as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and even Iraq.  Such is the “even-handed” policy of our U.S. government. Be it also noted that even in regard to its own obligations in connection with the Camp David Accords, particularly the assurance of oil supplies to compensate for the surrender of the oil wells in Sinai – developed with Jewish ingenuity and resources – it has found a convenient loophole, claiming that the situation is not “critical” as stipulated; which obliges the country of Israel to spend millions of dollars in overcharges on the open market, thus putting a critical squeeze on the economy of Eretz Yisroel, which is in dire enough straits as it is.    All the above is surely well known to you and, since you are connected with the news media, you probably know better than I what is going on behind the scenes in Washington and Cairo.  The question is: Now that we have a Camp David agreement signed, sealed, and delivered, don’t we have to live with it? Would it be legally and morally right to abrogate it unilaterally?   There are two major answers to this question.

First of all, an agreement is binding on either party only as long as the other is carrying out its part. As noted above, and as a matter of record, the Egyptians have not acted in good faith and have broken, and are breaking, many of their pledges under the agreement. (To cite one more glaring example, which should have created a much greater public shock than the tiny ripples it started: By their own admission, once the fact was discovered, the Egyptians had been reporting to other Arab nations, as well as the PLO, on the negotiations conducted with the representatives of Eretz Yisroel under the Camp David Accords.) In view of the systematic violations of the agreement by the Egyptians, the other party need not feel either legally or morally obligated to abide by it.

The second answer, which is equally valid, is that the Camp David Accords were based on a presumption that invalidated them in the first place. Clearly, no government official has the right to sign away the very security of the people and country he represents, nor the security of the next generation and subsequent generations, for no person can possibly have such a mandate, actual or implied. Certainly, in the present case, no such mandate was given – on the contrary, there is an explicit and expressed unanimity that the security of the Land of Israel and its three-and-a-half million Jews is not negotiable. Since the Camp David agreement does indeed jeopardize the security of the people and land of Israel, no signature, or even ratification, can be binding.    Incidentally, it has now been publicly admitted by a high-ranking member of the government of Eretz Yisroel and leading representative in the negotiations, that the Camp David agreement was a mistake, and that the terms, at any rate, should have been reversed, namely, that Egypt should have been made to comply with its obligations before surrendering it to the Sinai and all that went with it.

In summary, despite the political differences, dissension, and confusion in certain Jewish circles, both in the Land of Israel, and here in the USA, there is no Jew in the world who will tolerate the thought the genocide of the Jewish people, “even” in the very Land of Israel, and we have a right to expect all decent non-Jews to share in this determination.   Hence, Jews everywhere must stop bickering and must demand in one voice: No more concessions! No more giveaways! No more pressures!

And here is where my request comes in.    I do not know what you and the editor and publisher of the B’nai Brith Messenger think personally, as individuals, about the situation outlined above; nor am I adequately familiar with the position which the BBM has advocated in the past. I do believe, however, that a publication that carries the banner of B’nai B’rith (in the true sense of the term, as noted above), and which is now in its 84th year, has the primary obligation to carry the message of the Divine Covenant to its numerous readers, many of whom are leading personalities in various Jewish communities – the message of the Torah, Torat Chaim, and Torat Emet, namely: Eretz Yisrael is ours by Divine Covenant, as indeed is recognized by all who believe in the sanctity of the Bible; and the “facts of life” and “truth” are that Jews are not “occupiers” or “aggressors” in their homeland, but that what has passed into our hands is only a restitution of what is rightfully ours by Divine will and grace, not by the “false grace” of the United Nations.   And we cannot afford to be magnanimous and give away any part of our tiny land in response to the threat of force, since the retention of every last inch of it is a matter of vital security for the three-and-a-half million Jews – men, women, and children – as well as for our Jewish people as a whole.

Motzoei Shabbos Vayeitzei, 9 Kislev, 5739: It says in the Torah that by even giving “straw and chaff,” the land becomes “easier to conquer.” Even a tiny piece of land is worth an entire treasury, and it is forbidden to give it away! Every Jew, deep down, does not wish to give away land. When the Jews stand strong, the gentiles run to follow them.

19th Kislev, 5739: The way of the Torah is the only way of True Peace. When the nations are “considering attacking,” we are obligated to go out with weapons, even on Shabbos — even if there are many doubts about the matter. Since we are standing in the darkness of the exile, G-d shows us revealed miracles. The role of a diplomat is to avoid saying what he really thinks. Egypt could have received everything, and the next day gone back on their word; the miracle is that they did not agree. The Israeli politicians are hiding critical facts from the nation. Even before they granted “Autonomy” to the Arabs, the danger increased exponentially. Lethargy and weakness of the Jews enhances Arab self-confidence. Talks on “Autonomy” alone brought about Arab terror. The more they compromise, the more pressure and demands there are. A strong stance is expressed in actual deeds. An example: Taiwan — In the space of a moment, they nullified all previous signed treaties. The incident of Taiwan occured now to show us that a signature on a piece of paper has no substance! The only way to negate the pressure is to populate all the territories with Jews — all at once! It is possible to populate all the land in just a few hours. When America will see that it is a fait accompli, they will stop their pressure. Only permanent settlement will stop the pressures. It is easier to settle the territories today than it will be tomorrow.

Motzoei Shabbos Mikeitz, 5739 (1979): Limited prayer hours for the Jews is a result of Jewish inferiority complexes. The reason for it: To find favor in the eyes of the non-Jews. Giving away land of The Land of Israel causes a life-threatening situation. In such a case, there is no need for a King and Sanhedrin in order to go to war. The liberation of Jerusalen was the result of one General acting without orders. They are beginning to throw stones at soldiers and policemen as a consequence of the compromises.

Motzoei Shabbos Sisa, Parshas Parah, 5739: Capitulation leads to more capitulation. We must say an unequivocal “No!” to autonomy, because arab autonomy is nothing but the beginning of statehood. Attacks on Jews near Hebron is the result of the talks on Autonomy. “Autonomy in five years” will quickly turn into “autonomy in three years,” which will soon become “autonomy in one month”! One will not be saved from the danger by simply calling it “Peace.” All of the assurances to Israel about importing petrol, evaporated. America needed a signed piece of paper, even without Israel’s surrendering land. When the new pressures come, the piece of paper will become worthless. Egypt and all the OPEC countries are becoming shaky. What action of substance can people take? All the Jews should increase their level of Torah, mitzvos, and kosher education.

Purim, 5739: By Divine Providence, they started the talks on Jerusalem on Purim, when we read “It will be reversed.” Besides Sinai, it is impossible for Israel to get oil from anyplace! The person who said that Israel has enough oil —is the same person who helped in selling children…. It is not possible to store enough oil in Israel for more than a few weeks. They are trying to silence protest not only in Israel, but also in America.

Motzoei Shabbos Vayakhel-Pekudei, Mevorchin HaChodesh Nissan, Parshas HaChodesh, 5739: Negotiation must be carried out with the determination of Mordechai, who “would not bow and would not prostrate himself.” Diplomacy means misrepresentation of the facts!. When they stood firm on Jerusalem, it was taken off the agenda. During the entire process, Egypt only takes, and Israel only gives. Israel behaved in a manner of “Ufaratzta” and ceded land “in the west, east, north, and south.” America needed to make peace, even without territoral compromise on Israel’s part. We have seen in the past that is is impossible to rely on America’s supervision.

Motzoei Shabbos Bemidbar, 5739: The test of everything in the world is the concrete result in practice. When a person considers the evil to be good, he deprives himself the possibility of returning to G-d. When one side receives everything, and the other side receives nothing, this is not peace! The other side continues taking non-stop, and thus his word has no value.

Quote: Lubavitcher Rebbe to Arik Sharon after Six Day War:
“It will be our greatest insanity if we were to retreat from the new borders. It will expose the lack of trust in the government of Israel; lack of faith in our own strength and will only invite external pressure upon us. It is imperative to stop trying to find favor in the eyes of the gentile nations. This has never helped in the past, nor will it help in the future. The indecisiveness of Israel must stop. It is obligatory to uproot the mentality of exile [slavery to the gentile nations] from the Land of Israel. The government of Israel needs to decide to inhabit the liberated territories and come out with a call to world Jewry to come and settle these lands, I am certain that half a million young Jewish People would respond to this challenge”.
With regard to the various solutions which have been forwarded, which call for a full or partial retreat by Israel, the Rebbe said: “These plans will bring about a sharpening of tension in the future.
These are solutions which run contrary to the natural path”. In the view of the Rebbe, Israel today lies within its natural borders. With pain did the Rebbe continue: “Every matter which is decided by the government of Israel is known immediately by the Gentiles.

The Rebbe’s words certainly apply today:
This is the greatest delusion – thinking that in return for surrender we will get peace!
Yet, we see openly what Arab intentions are! Even if we were to say [in reality this is not the situation] that in return we will be in receipt of a temporary peace [as Peace Now argues], it is well known that when discussing an ongoing situation, one does not focus on the present, but how this will unfold into the future, in which direction this will move. If the present is not good and is moving towards good, one must take that into consideration. Similarly, if the present situation is good but deteriorating, one takes that into consideration. Our situation is the same: we see where surrender to the Arabs is leading.
Even if one were to delude oneself that at present there is peace, it is irrelevant, because we see that we are moving towards a negative situation– since their intention is not one of peace, but to eradicate the Jewish People from the land of Israel.”
Public discourse Shabbat Parshat Shelach 1980

The Rebbe emphasized the idea of security for the Jewish people by eliminating possible terrorists:
There is a Torah obligation quoted in the Talmud [Sanhedrin 102.1] “One who approaches to kill you– pre-empt– and eliminate him!” One can understand two points can from this law:
[1] The legal decision refers to a situation when one indeed knows that he is approaching with the intent to kill you.

[2] Upon realizing that his intent is to kill you, one must not wait until he approaches you in combat, rather, pre-empt and eliminate him. These two points give us clear direction in our times. There are those who are in pursuit of peace that are convinced that since the time of Hitler and his professors– may their names be blotted out– no longer are there those who wish to annihilate us, there can no longer be a situation whereby a gentile would plot harm to the Jewish people. In any event, so they say, this is a situation of mere uncertainty.
How can one be certain what is in the heart of this gentile? Surely no-one can know what is stirring in the heart of another?! Regarding this situation the Torah says – by recognizing the overall circumstances one can indeed know with certainty that his intent is to kill you.
When one knows the education he has been subjected to; by knowing his activities of yesterday and of today– one can be certain without any shadow of doubt that his intent is “to kill you”.Now that one knows that he is approaching “to kill you”; do not wait until he approaches you in combat, for then, G-d forbid, it may be too late, rather it is imperative that you must pre-empt the situation and eliminate him. Those that act it this way – they must not be labeled as spillers of blood; but this is the legal imperative of Torah – “One who approaches to kill you – pre-empt – eliminate him!” In such situations one should go forth with absolute fortitude, fearless of nobody; not from “the rider” [terrorist] neither from “the horse” [his weapons], because “we go forth in the name of our G-d”, “your camp must be Holy”, then “will our G-d be present in our camp”; and when the enemy perceives this “the dread of the Jews will fall upon them”.

Public talk Shabbos Parshas Bereishis 1969
You are mistaken in your policy of capturing terrorists and putting them into prison.
These terrorists are coming to murder. We have a ruling; “One who comes to kill you, take pre-emptive action – annihilate him!”

Then the Rebbe added his vision:
You will pay dearly for putting them into prison, because in the future you will be beset with assorted demands to strike a ‘deal’ to free them as part of an exchange agreement.

Said the Rebbe concerning signing agreements to give away land: “And we see in which direction the change is headed. It’s unacceptable for a Jew who believes in G-d and in His Torah, to Heaven forfend, be a partner to matters such as these and affix his signature to them in approval. It is thus preferable that the government should dissolve and cease to be a Jewish government — because they speak of these autonomy plans only out of pressure from the Gentile nations (as they themselves admit)….
You are certainly acquainted with Mr. Menachem Begin, who originally did not agree with the Camp David issue. Indeed, he strongly opposed it. Eventually, however, he began to make concessions, and from what I hear, he regrets having done so to this very day. If people who do not believe in G-d were the ones doing this, it would possible to understand. But for people who believe in G-d to affix their signatures to matters relating to the giving away of parts of Israel, is a desecration of G-d’s name. Shamir* believes in G-d and in the holiness of the Land of Israel. It is completely incomprehensible how he, of all people, now agrees to discuss plans, which ultimately translate into the giving away of parts of Israel. The security of the Land of Israel comes from the One G-d. If the government will act accordingly, with the necessary strength, then they will have nothing to fear regarding Israel’s security!

The Rebbe said concerning Israel belonging to the Jews:
​Heaven forbid that Jews should reject parts of the Land of Israel which were given to them by G-d as a gift, through unsolicited kindness and open miracles, (and not through military prowess, to which some erroneously attribute Israel’s astounding victories), by giving them to non-Jews! Due to the fact that we are still in exile, there are parts of the Land that have not yet been returned to us. Regarding such portions, the Torah enjoins us not to incite those who presently occupy them. This condition, however, does not apply at all to those portions of the land that G-d has already returned to us, (through great miracles, moreover.) There are those who argue that giving these portions back to the non-Jews will bring peace. The response to this is that behavior which runs contrary to the Torah (i.e., rejecting G-d’s gift) cannot possibly have positive results, and certainly cannot bring peace. Quite the contrary: only behavior that accords with Torah will bring peace. The Torah’s instruction in this area is that we must explain — albeit in a pleasant manner — that no one can change the fact that G-d gave us these territories as a gift. Peace can only be achieved by behaving in accordance with the Torah’s instructions, and the Torah instructs us to tell the truth. When speaking with non-Jews too, it is forbidden to tell them lies. It is forbidden to speak to them “diplomatically”. They must be told the truth — that since at the Covenant Between the Parts, G-d gave the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel as an eternal inheritance, we may not be unappreciative by refusing to accept His gift.

This was G-d’s promise to the Jewish nation that He is giving us the land of Israel forever.

Another quote:

The Lubavitcher Rebbe:

Israel’s weakness is increasing terror attacks!

The weakness shown by Israel towards the Arabs after the wondrous victory of the Six Day War did not end with their call to sit down, talk peace and offer to give away half of the country.

The rulers of Israel wish to divide up the Holy city of Jerusalem; that the city should belong to the Muslims, Christians, and [finally, as an afterthought] “also” to the Jews. It does not end there: they are actually encouraging Arabs to dwell in Jerusalem. This, despite the fact that Jerusalem has belonged exclusively to the Jewish People since ancient times, from the days of Shem the son of Noah [who divided the earth amongst his three sons after the Great Flood], then to Abraham our Patriarch [when G-d promised the Land to him and his progeny], and finally with the conquest of Jerusalem by King David.

Additionally, there is an explicit Jewish law which states that a gentile may not live in Jerusalem – that it will bring him no good. This law however can only be enforced when the hand of the Jewish People is empowered [Talmud Kesubos 26.2, Bava Kama 97.2], However, this does not mean that they need to encourage Arabs to remain living there, and certainly not to pursue them, begging them to remain there! This weakness of falling before the Arabs is the cause, that if until now there was a situation of fear of the Jewish People, now, as a direct result of pursuing them, we have a situation that they raise their heads against Israel and are increasing [may G-d protect us] their terror attacks.

Shabbos Parshat Matos-Masei 1969

Quote: The Lubavitcher Rebbe:
(The Rebbe’s view is as follows) No one would have considered the return of the territories had Israeli statesmen not spoken of it first. True, one and a half million Arabs within the boundaries of the state are likely to be a problem. However the Rebbe asks: ‘What would be ‘the best alternative’ to holding on to the territories? An Arab or Jordanian State, independent or federal, in which there would be one and a half million harmful Arabs? Would it be better to have one and a half million Arabs in their own country a firing shot away from the cities and villages of the Jewish State, rather than to have one million Arabs subject to the scrutiny of the State within her borders, with all the problems which this would create?
According to the view of the Rebbe, we have here (in our retreat and assistance in establishing a Palestinian state,) a severe threat to Jewish lives. The Halachic ruling (that to do so, is absolutely forbidden) is clear. Had the State of Israel made this (the annexation) a fact on the ground both in Jerusalem and the territories immediately after the conquest, no one would have protested. Now that we have shown our weakness the Arabs and our enemies raise their voice of protest over every stone that is moved in Jerusalem. All of this has befallen us because we want to find favor in the eyes of others.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe was very opposed to the idea of using the term medinat Yisrael (state of Israel) because that is a secular name, a secular idea, and it affects the idea of our claim to the land being based on Torah.
In a letter the Rebbe wrote on 19 Sivan, 1969:
“The land of Israel was given to AmYisrael starting from the Bris Bein Habesarim with Avraham Avinu, and in place of the name Eretz Canaan the name was fixed as Eretz Yisrael., a fixity over a period of thousands of years, a fixity in Torah including a fixity in the mouth of the nation from small to great…..
Such matters are not given to vote…..”
Later in the letter the Rebbe added: “One could also say there is an additional point in this…in that this name medinate Yisrael (the state of Israel) weakens the claim and ownership of Am Yisrael on eretz Yisrael. This includes even the limited area that was liberate in 1948 since a new name lends an aura of newness that began in 1948, thereby indicating that the claim and ownership of Eretz Yisrael began then. At the very least, it contains some aspect of newness, in opposition to Torah position found in the words of Rashi: that if the nations of the world will say to the Jewish people, youa re bandits for having conquered the land of seven nations, the Jewish people should answer: “the entire earth belongs to Hashem. With His will He gave it to them and with His will He took it from them and gave it to us, the Jewish nation”.
The Rebbe added as well: “As it says in the verse in Torah “This shall be for you the land to its borders around etc. It is only due to our sins we were exiled from our land and we were distanced from our ground, but even in time of exile, it is still our land and our ground”.
But the expression “medinat Yisrael” (the state of Israel) allows room to say that parts of eretz Yisrael are nothing more than areas conquered by Tzahal in the six Day war…”

Quote: The Lubavitcher Rebbe. A lesson in values and strategy for the Israeli Government
You need to take a stand with all the military power G-d has granted you. When ‘we will stand by the banner of our G-d’, and ‘we will invoke the name of our G-d’ [Psalms 20.6 and 8], then the enemy [‘the hands of Esau’] will become null and void.
Hand in hand with reliance on G-d, weaponry is vital [Code of Jewish Law: Go out to attack fully armed!]. …….We see what is going on in the Holy Land of late. The moment they submit to pressure – it is an invitation to further pressure, to killings of many Jewish souls………When the nations will see Jewish People pre-occupied with Torah and declare openly allegiance to G-d, calling to G-d, they will fear you. This is the only way to bring true peace at the end of these days of the exile when there will be the fulfillment of the Divine Promise: ‘In the end Israel will repent at the end of the exile with the true and full redemption through our righteous Moshiach.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe speaks of today’s situation by the Israel government of their fear of US President:
“Fear of the Nations is holding back the Redemption!”
“We find ourselves at the final moments of the Exile, truly just before the Redemption. We must not be intimidated by the enticements and devious claims of the Nations and of Jews; it is imperative that we keep the Land intact. Due to their perverse and dishonest reasoning, the nations have not yet comprehended the truth that the entire Land of Israel with all of her borders belongs to the entire Jewish People.”

QUOTE: THE LUBAVITCHER REBBE: Israel runs after the Arabs and is prepared to give them everything. The main objective of the government is to receive some word of praise from the gentiles. Israel gets to the point of saying harsh words to the Arabs, but, behind closed doors tell them: “Please listen, for a specific reason we have no choice but to publicly raise our voice against you and state that we will under no circumstances agree to your demands. BUT PLEASE KNOW, WE HAVE ALREADY AGREED TO GIVE INTO WHATEVER YOU WANT”.
A7: In response to the blatant attempt to create facts on the ground in Judea and Samaria and force through the establishment of a Palestinian state, the Israeli government has surprisingly avoided enforcing the law against the buildings in a quiet approval of the EU breaches. Last month a statement by the state to the Supreme Court said acting on the matter is “not a top priority.

Quote: The Lubavitcher Rebbe 19th Kislev, 1980
Jewish Law rules that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People with Torah designated borders.
There is a further major ruling inscribed in the laws of Shabbos: even an area of land outside of the borders of Israel as for example land in Sinai; should there arises a threat that ‘should the land of Israel be vulnerable before them [the enemy]’ even if they present no more than minimal danger in preparation only, announcing that their wish to enter is temporary for no more than stubble and straw [animal fodder] and then they will turn back – Jewish law demands we go out armed in desecration of the Sabbath and take a stand with military force.
This Jewish law applies anywhere, even outside of Israel, at all times and in all situations wherever a Jew finds himself…… one must desecrate the Shabbos to take a powerful military stand for this major principle of Torah and mitzvos – endangered Jewish lives since the issue is of ‘the land lies open – vulnerable – before them’……. This certainly stands true should the life threatening danger present itself from within the Land of Israel.
………the obligation to ‘observe the rule of government’ does not stem from the power of government, but has its root in Jewish law. Therefore should a government instruction undermine Jewish law – it is null and void.

A message to the government of Israel from the Lubavitcher Rebbe on signing away lands belonging to the Jewish People:
Recently I received a letter from a Jew in NY. A well-meaning Jew immersed in his studies. He toiled and gathered together statements of our Sages, foolishly trying to bring proof that since these territories were conquered and an agreement signed by Jews who must never lie, he came to the conclusion it is forbidden to retract! What do you mean, they signed a contract? The property they signed for did not belong to them! This property is the inheritance of the entire Nation of the Jewish People. Even someone possessing all qualities and good intentions has no power of attorney or permission to sell property belonging to someone else, even of a single individual, certainly not of a great number of people. How much more so, property under the ownership of men of this generation and of all past generations beginning with the Divine Promise of the Covenant whereby G-d said to Abraham our forefather “To you I have already given [this Land]”, as brought down in many Rabbinic commentators; that already from that time there was actual physical ownership! First they signed an agreement, and then stubbornly insist that since it is forbidden to lie, they are bound to uphold this lie whereby they took away from tens of generations of the Jewish people their possession which they ceded to others!
Are you master to dispose of property and estates belonging to tens of previous generations and generations after you to the end of all generations?!
Public talk 1980

Quote: The Lubavitcher Rebbe: On cease-fires with the enemy.
I asked if the Rebbe is absolutely opposed to peace talks. The Rebbe replied that an agreement to hold talks with the Arabs either directly or via an intermediary need not necessarily be tied to a cease-fire. There were wars between other nations that negotiations were not held under conditions of cease-fire agreements; to the contrary, such talks are an invitation for renewed war. When the Egyptians every day are increasing their weaponry and missiles, Israel must not only act in defense but must take the initiative and attack for purposes of defense…..
The Rebbe repeated himself with emotion, that this cease-fire agreement is a disaster, because all signs he has in hand show that Egypt is preparing for war. “Why do leaders [in Israel] not learn a lesson” – asked the Rebbe – “from the results of the retreats of 1948 and 1956?! Why don’t they understand that it is forbidden to agree to any retreat from the territories?!”
I asked the Rebbe if he is aware that a major investigation is taking place against the Rebbe in Israel because of his words against the cease-fire. The Rebbe told me that he is unperturbed by these investigation taking place, because one who knows of great danger [to life] is forbidden to remain silent. The danger which has been created by the Israel government’s agreement to a cease-fire with Egypt is extreme, which will G-d forbid, lead to war.
Private interview with the newspaper reporter Mr. Yona Cohen, Sunday after Shabbat Parshat Eikev, 1970.

Is Peace possible with the Arabs?
The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s letter, 25th Teves 5729 [1969]:
To the pupils of Kfar Noar-Be-er Yaakov, the Holy Land
Peace and Blessing,….
With reference to your second question regarding peace: True peace can only be achieved when based on the good-will of both sides. I do not see any cause or reason why Arabs neighboring our Holy Land would make true peace. This would necessarily have to embody, from their position, an absolute relinquishing of territories conquered of late and certainly those conquered twenty years ago. Additionally, their agreement that the Jewish People have all rights to live there without any exploitation whatsoever.
From a different point of view, the situation of lack of peace holds all benefits for the Arabs. They are able to come with demands for assistance from many world powers beyond this immediate location by creating competition between one world power and a second – whichever power is of greater value to a specific Arab country, bringing a foreign power to increase her assistance and contributions etc. None of this would be happening should the pressure in the area be nullified and matters settled and should life enter upon a normal path.
Additionally, and perhaps even more significantly, many powers outside of the area, specifically the greatest world powers are actually interested that there be stress and pressure and a break up between [Arab] nations because such a situation opens up the door to their influence and even control in the area by offering assistance to one or other of the sides in the area. Should there be a situation of peaceful relations between nations in the area working together, there would be a reduction of any possibility of a foreign power having control and will even bring about a reduction of her influence.

Having said that, it is obvious that no Jewish man or woman give up hope G-d forbid for peace, because the very existence of the Jewish People throughout the ages and her very presence now in our Holy Land is absolutely beyond the natural. According to all economic and political view-points, in terms of quantity, such a small and weak nation could not exist. Specifically it should be impossible for her to hold her standing as we see now, positioned at the central point of clashing interests amongst world powers; that Israel is located at the cross-roads of several continents and most powerful land masses of the international arena.

It is incredulous that throughout history going back even to ancient times, that this area of land was one of ferment and strife between all nations and kingdoms who were the world powers each in their time: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome etc. The Jewish nation never ever had the benefit of peace and tranquility only with the exception of some years and relatively short periods of time when the Jewish People were true to G-d and walked in the ways of G-d, the path of the Torah and His Commandments, as in the days of King David and King Solomon.
Since the Land of Israel is the Land where the Eyes of G-d gaze upon it from the beginning of the year ‘till the end of the year; that most certainly the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. As until now, so going forward, He will guard His nation Israel from all pain and distress. The more the foundation of survival of the Jewish nation will be fortified – a ONE unique nation in the Land – the path of life for each day according to the instructions of the One Torah for all of us, given by the One G-d. In accordance with this, the security in our Holy Land will increase, leading to the fulfillment of the Divine Promise “And you will dwell securely in your Land, and I will give peace in your Land, and you will lie down without fear”.

This is the specific role of the youth who are not afraid of hearing the straight truth, who do not search for compromise, that G-d’s power stands by them, and have no shame from those that ridicule, or what will the nations say, they will be the pioneers who step forth in front of the Jewish People wherever they may be, both in Israel and outside of Israel, to walk in the path of G-d and His Torah, to walk in security. Blessings and success in going from strength to strength on the path of Torah, the Torah of life, and Commandments of which is written “And you should live by them.

Quote: The Lubavitcher Rebbe declares his warning to take action.
From the Talmud we learn how Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai [Rashbi] [author of the Kabbalistic work – the Zohar] related to the actions of the Gentiles. His argument was that one must not be naive. When we see a non-Jewish government doing good, building bridges and the like, one must realize that they built these for their own benefit in order to raise taxes. The Rashbi knew that since we are in exile we need to make efforts with the nations that they contribute to our welfare. The Talmud states that when there was a need to annul a decree, The Rashbi himself journeyed to Rome to make the effort to bring about its annulment. The Rashbi knew that the Jewish People are reliant on G-d. Nevertheless he knew that it is the intention of G-d that we take natural precautions. If however, this would not help, The Rashbi was prepared to undertake to use powers beyond the natural. In the first instance it is the desire of G-d that we operate in the natural way. If this does not help, other avenues are available.

Rashi comments that had the Jewish people trusted fully in Hashem, nobody would have contested their right to the land of Israel. The Rebbe commented on this that so too today, if the jewish people will trust in G-d that the land of Israel belongs unequivocally to them , and are willing to declare this openly to the world, then the Rebbe said “noone will contest the matter and there will be no need for war”. in fact even weapons will be unnecessary, as Rashi writes.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe declares his warning to take action. Quote:
This is a message also for our time. There are times when it is appropriate to travel to Washington as Rashbi journeyed to Rome to make the effort with the Emperor. Yet at the same time it is vital that the ambassador be seen as a faithful Jew who conducts himself according Torah and Mitzvos. Should the gentile ask, ‘you believe in G-d, you can even bring down an angel or demon, then why do you need my help?’
To this, one replies: ‘since the Jewish People are in Exile, it is the will of G-d that we act in a natural way (this is why we pray for the peace of the country).’
However, if the natural approach does not help, we will bring down a supernatural power and will do what has to be done, as was done by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, since we walk with the power of the Holy One Blessed be He.
The gentile continues to ask: ‘Are you really in exile? You find yourselves in the Land of Israel of which it is written in Scriptures, ‘continuously do eyes of G-d gaze towards her (the Land of Israel) from the beginning of the year till the end of the year’?
To which the Jew replies: ‘on the contrary, there in the Land of Israel the exile is far more severe. There is a Jew who considers that since he is Minister, he can do whatever he pleases.’