Israel spends a lot of time on the media and news trying to prove to the world how Hamas used the hospital for their terror activities….how they use civilians as human shields….everything is about convincing the world that the Jews have a right to self defense!  This in itself is very sad. We don’t have to convince anyone of anything. In what war did people have to convince others of the bad motivations of their enemies?  Israel has to simply go ahead and destroy this enemy that perpetrated such a brutal massacre of innocent people and they have no reason to prove anything to the world. 

We come to remind the world: most of the massacre in Israel was done by the “civilians” coming from Gaza. People who worked for Jewish families on the kibbutzim. While Jews were hiding in their “safe” rooms, or being raped or tortured by these terrorists (who were mostly civilians and not even Hamas operatives) there were gaza citizens going into each house, stealing, watching television, eating the families food and rejoicing over the suffering of the Jews….are these in any way “innocent”??

Actually, it is the world that should prove:

  1. Why are they so anti semitic and quick to blame Israel?
  2. Why doe so much of the news concentrate on the suffering of the gaza civilians instead of emphasizing the ongoing suffering of the Israelis and the constant barrage of rocket attacks etc. and the kidnapped victims that are still being held in gaza?
  3. Why does the world turn a blind eye to such a massacre, even to the extent of some people trying to deny it?
  4. Why do universities teach hatred and support terrorism?
  5. Why do students go along with messages of hate and evil?
  6. Why does the American government constantly pressure Israel to do everything that is against it rather than being supportive of this war against evil?
  7. Why doesn’t the world wake up and see the writing on the wall???

Israel does not have to prove all the technology they contributed to the world, or all the medical advancements or any of that.   All we have to say is the simple truth:  the Almighty G-d, Creator of this world, gave the land of Israel EXCLUSIVELY to the Jewish nation!   As such , we have no right to give away one inch of our land. We need to secure our borders and protect all the people living in Israel. We need to preempt attacks on Israel and stand up to destroy anyone who comes to destroy us. And not to be ashamed of this. We need to tell the world: open the Bible. It is clear who the land of Israel belongs to. So there is no longer any place for a two state solution or worrying about “innocent’ civilians in Gaza. There is only the truth: nobody should attack the Jewish people in our own land and try to claim any right to this land. 

The terrorists shout the name of G-d before coming to murder innocent Jews and try to take away the land G-d gave us!   How hypocritical.  This is not about religion. That is not religion. That is terrorism, evil and lies.  The world must stand up against all of that.