We hear a lot of people screaming about “collective punishment” , “unproportional response” on the part of Israel towards Gaza.  Why is nobody screaming about “collective murder” and “unproportional barbarism”??  If there is no proper moral compass concerning what is good and what is evil, what is truthful and what is false, why should there suddenly be a moral compass only in regards to retaliation for an unprovoked attack??? 

Why are there no screams of genocide on the part of Hamas??? Why is nobody accusing Hamas of horrible war crimes? Why do voices become vocal when it comes to Israel, the victim??

People try to “Justify” evil , claiming “well, it is a result of Israel’s occupation ….”. Excuse me!  As we said numerous times, we are not occupying the land of Israel, it belongs to us because God gave it to us. The occupiers are the so called Palestinians.  But even if one wished to claim such falsehood, does that truly justify murdering barbarically men, women, children, babies in such horrific ways??? What is the connection? 

It is shameful to see the reactions of the world to Israel.  The world wishes to condemn Israel. The world wishes to side with evil.  Why? Where is the worlds’ moral compass??? 

So actually there should be an unproportional response and collective punishment for terrorists who make an unproportional attack against innocent Israeli civilians! Unfortunately, the only language terrorists understand is unproportional response.  They are not people you can reason with, speak logically to….they are simply emotional evil people who do not even deserve the name human being.  Lower than animals. They are pure evil and our response to pure evil has to be unproportional. We need to eliminate evil.  

At the same time, we need to add unproportional light and goodness to the world to counterbalance the evil.   This is the spiritual way of fighting.

Israel will win this war. Israel will be victorious because we have God Almighty on our side.