It is so incredible how the entire world switches to making this entire war about the Palestinians and their “suffering”, and so quickly forget or try to justify the murder of so many Jews in such barbaric ways. How does such a thing happen? This is called anti semitism.

The so called “Palestinians” have NO RIGHT and NO LEGITIMATE CLAIM to the land of Israel. It is very clearly stated in the Torah. Therefore, the argument of occupation has no truth to it. And it is purely a provocation of evil that was perpetrated against the Jewish people…an unprovoked attack for no reason other than hatred and evil. 

No matter what anyone wants to try to say or claim, NOTHING justifies barbaric murders of innocent women, including pregnant women, babies, young children, elderly or actually any person. Even the non Jewish nations are not allowed to murder.   How can anyone even attempt to justify this???

Yet we see how much the media, the evil media, tries to side with the civilians in gaza, constantly reporting on their suffering. Why doesn’t the media make a big deal out of the Israeli suffering and casualties? Where is the voice of truth?  Whoever chooses to side with the  Gazans, is also guilty in this war. You cannot side with evil. You cannot side with a murderous regime.  So called “innocent’ civilians have to leave gaza and it is the arab nations around that need to take them in. Where are these so called “muslim brothers” in a time of crisis? they do not want to take in the gazan people. Certainly Israel has no obligation to show any form of humanitarian aid to people who murdered them!  Nobody knows who is really innocent.  Even little children in gaza are raised to hate and murder Jews. How does that make them innocent?? Israel warned the “civilians’ to leave….that is all they have to do. If people do not leave, nobody can have any claim against Israel! In world war two noone even warned the german civilians to leave before bombing!

When the nation of Amalek rose up against the Jews, G-d told Moshe to fight them and destroy them. When King Saul battled against Amalek, he was instructed by the prophet who received the message from G-d, to destroy them all, even their animals.  Such an evil nation could not continue to exist .  King Saul did not fulfill the command fully and because of that we eventually had Haman harasha who tried to annihilate the entire Jewish nation in Persia.

Many cities of idol worship had to be totally obliterated even if every one was not worshipping idols. But if the majority of the people did, the entire city was considered to be affected.  These are spiritual matters. Not always is mercy the right approach….being merciful to the cruel is certainly not merciful! It ends up being cruel to the good people who suffer after that.

Same with the terrorists. If Gaza is their enclave from which they nurture terror and attack Jews, anyone continuing to live there is part of the crime.  We don’t hear the “innocent’ Gazan civilians praising Israel or expressing regret for the attack.  Why is that okay? Why is there no screaming about war crimes when Jews are murdered? Why does the world stay silent and not push to have people see the hostages, check their condition etc. ? Why does Biden push for humanitarian pause without insisting all the hostages should be released? Certainly the children!  Why does everyone overlook the enormity of the attack and the evil???  Humanitarian aid is for humans….these people are not behaving as humans. There should be no humanitarian aid until all hostages are released! 

We pray that there should be a world of peace and truth….that is the only solution. The redemption through Moshiach, may it be speedily in our days. And we continue to pray for the speedy release of the hostages and the safety of all the Jewish soldiers. We certainly pray that the Almighty should enlighten the eyes of the those who are blinded by wrong ideas and who do not see the truth. We pray the entire world should wake up and do what is right in the eyes of G-d.