It is NOT naïve to believe in G-d and His miracles.  

It Is NOT naïve to believe that just as we have physical weapons, we also have spiritual weapons (like adding in more mitzvot that can actually save a soldier/hostage in Israel).

It is NOT naïve to believe that G-d wants us to turn to Him in times of trouble.

It is NOT naïve to believe that making a commitment to increase or add in Torah and mitzvot can bring salvation or save a person from tragedy. 

 It is NOT NAÏVE to trust God fully. And it is NOT NAÏVE to believe in a better world….the kind of world God envisioned when He created this material world.

It is NOT NAÏVE to believe in the coming of Moshiach and in a perfected world!   This is absolutely what we SHOULD  believe!

It IS naïve to believe that governments or politics offer any real long term solutions to the problems of the world!

It IS naïve to believe in the “power” of human beings.

It IS naïve to believe that human beings can figure things out themselves and automatically know right from wrong.

 It IS naïve to believe that no one is truly evil (as we see, some people are the personification of evil!). 

It IS naïve to believe that  spiritual matters will not help for problems in the world.

It IS naïve to fear humans and to think the world is on the brink of destruction.  

G-d created this world. There is a bigger picture that we humans cannot understand or see at this time.  There is a master plan.  And even if things do not always  look good , it does not mean G-d has abandoned us or the world.  Many people suffer tremendous anxiety, fearful of terrorists and what could happen in the world.   We need to remove such thoughts and anxieties from our minds. We need to remove any worry that weakens our service of God with simple sincerity and gratefulness to Him and to trust Him fully.  It is so important to cultivate an attitude of being grateful for every day that God gives us in this world. God runs His world and He controls the evil that He created. There are not two separate authorities, God forbid. Everything comes from the good and benevolent God.  To believe that evil has any real power is not believing properly in God.  God created darkness and God created light. God created evil and He created good which has the power to overcome and even transform evil.  Why this is the way He created the world we cannot understand but we need to utilize every moment in this world to connect to God, develop a truthful relationship with God and do what God wants.  Until the coming of Moshiach there are many things we cannot understand. But that does not detract from our faith in God.    We can renew our commitment to G-d and bring about  miracles.     We can and must acknowledge that God wants us to serve Him and to make a place for Him in this world through our observance of Torah and mitzvot.   This is His world; let’s not forget that.  Let us concentrate on adding more light, on committing ourselves to greater observance of the Torah….let us do our utmost to make this world into a holy place. That means utterly destroying evil on a spiritual level and on a physical level.  That means realizing that as dark as this world looks….underneath it all the world is moving towards redemption and to a greater level of holiness and light. Everything is part of the process of redemption. May it be with rachamim (mercy).