In order to bring true security to Israel we must do the following:

  1. Declare proudly to the world that the land of Israel belongs ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY to the Jewish people, given to us by Almighty God.  There is NO ROOM FOR A TWO STATE SOLUTION. There is NO ROOM to give away one inch of the land.  Israelis are not occupying someone else’s land: we occupy our own land that we own! 
  2. Totally retake Gaza and control it fully. Rebuild Gush Katif.
  3. Make a campaign to stop the type of education young children are given by these terrorist regimes. If a school in gaza is teaching children to kill Jews, that school must be shut down and the teachers arrested. A new form of education is a must ….. otherwise those “innocent” children will grow up to become the next generation of terrorists! 
  4. The world has to understand that terrorists do not care about economic incentives….they are not normal people who can speak about peace because they do NOT WANT peace. They want destruction. And nothing will deter that. Only eliminating terror and terrorists will stop them. That is the only language they understand.
  5. Israel must stop caring what world opinion says, what America thinks etc. etc. Israel must finish the job this time. There is NO ROOM for any ceasefire. There is NO ROOM for an increase in humanitarian breaks.  Let the so called Muslim brotherhood take care of their people…but you see, no muslim country wants the Palestinians, the so called “innocent civilians”. If they will not even take care of their own, it is certainly not Israel’s responsibility to worry about the civilians of the terrorist enclave that committed such a barbaric massacre!   Let the muslims take care of their own!  And if they don’t, let the world stop accusing Israel. 
  6. In world war two nobody warned the germans  to leave before bombing.. This is a war. Innocent people may get hurt. But Israel has given enough warnings for them to leave. If they do not do so and no other muslim country will take them in, there is no need for further humanitarian care!   This is NOT Israel’s problem.  Why is there no outcry asking for humanitarian aid to the hostages? Or doctors to check on their condition? Or even an outcry demanding their release? Why does it switch to worrying about Gazan civilians??? This in itself is a betrayal by the world including the American government. The Israeli government has to stop buying into the guilt trip the world tries to impose on them about gaza civilians and say very simply “Israel is not concerned with the Gaza civilians. We gave enough warnings. Now it is up to the muslim world to take care of them, not Israel. So we no longer will discuss gaza civilians. ”
  7. There must be an outcry around the world against terror and instead of trying to switch the blame to Israel, people must say the truth: Israel did not provoke this attack. It is a murderous attack with only one intention: to annihilate Jews. That is the political charter of hamas. Should there not be an outcry and an accusation against that??? Why does this turn into a blame game against Israel?
  8. There must be an outcry against anti semitism!   Anyone who does not speak up against antisemitism is guilty of the same.