Before Moshiach comes each person goes through various tests.  This is part of the purification/rectification process towards the Geula. 

We know that a new world order is approaching….to that end, we need to see a change in the world as we know it.  Worshipping money has to end.  Pursuing materialism and material pleasures has to end. Putting trust in world governments has to end.  We have to realize that we only have God to rely upon and that the world we will have with Moshiach will be totally different: no more illness, no more poverty, no more wars and no more politics. 

So get ready for Moshiach! We see all the signs that great rabbis foresaw with prophetic vision thousands of years ago.  

The Lubavitcher Rebbe promised we will be the last generation of galus and the first of Geula….and a generation cannot go on for too long. So we know it will happen soon.  We need to understand that Moshiach is coming and prepare ourselves and our families and our surroundings. 

 How do we do that? Of course to learn more about Moshiach (my website has an entire section about that). But also to simply start to recognize the Hand of God in everything. There is only God. God controls the entire world. We need to bring God into everything. As we see, the leftists, democrats and social media (and even the school systems) try to take God out of the picture and we can see the results are a disaster for society. We need to stand against the world and stand up for truth. We need to recognize how every single thing comes from God. We need to nourish our souls and our trust in God.