Israel is the only country in the world that somehow feels it needs justification from the world for whatever it does. What a chutzpa that various presidents or prime ministers from other countries send messages declaring “israel has a right to defend itself. We stand with Israel.”
Very nice to stand with Israel. But what on earth does it mean that Israel has a right to defend itself? Does anyone need assurance or approval from another country to defend itself???   As if that other country governs Israel….it is absurd. It is only because, we , the Jewish nation, must have Jewish pride and realize G-d Almighty is with us, gave us the land of Israel and will surely protect it, and we must not give in to what any other country advises if it goes against our own security!    And we do not need approval from anyone.  If another government will stop helping Israel because we do not do what they say, we do not need that government. G-d has many agents to work through that can have the privilege of helping Israel. 

But for Israel to feel we must justify our right to exist, our right to our land, our right to defend ourselves…where is our Jewish pride??? Where is our intellect? Where is our compassion for our own people? 

Look how so many people around the world are getting up to demonstrate against Israel because we dared to fight back after a brutal terror attack!   So quickly people forget what Israel suffered and it all becomes focused on what the “poor Palestinians are going through”.  Well,that is the media involved….many people around the world have woken up and see the truth.  But the media is biased against Israel and tries to scream “war crimes”….where was that scream when Israel was attacked, when babies were burned and murdered, when children were kidnapped?? That is not a war crime? That is not something to demonstrate against? Why does this always become about the Gaza “civilians”??

Let me tell you something: any so called civilians still in gaza, are not innocent. They voted for hamas. They do nothing to escape from hamas. They do nothing to condemn hamas. And they even allow their own children to be used as human shields or as terrorists. Each of those “innocent” children will grow up to become terrorists if people continue living in gaza under hamas. Why does nobody care???

So no thank you, we do not need approval from any government. We do not need advice how to fight or win this war. We need only the help of G-d and we need His blessings.

Would anyone dare tell America how to fight back if they were attacked? Did anyone tell the world how to defeat the germans in world war two? Did anyone tell any country how to fight?    Only Israel! The tiniest country in the world yet everything revolves around it…everyone is jealous that Israel belongs to the Jews.  In this week’s Torah portion it is written clearly how Abraham bought the kever machpela, Chevron, for all his descendants. It clearly belongs to us. Yet there are arabs who try to claim it is theirs and to throw out the Jews. This is an old problem that even Abraham foresaw .

We need to wake up and say enough!  We are going to protect our land, our people and we are going to defeat terror. Just like the Jews were victorious in Purim time to defeat Haman who wanted to annihilate every single Jewish man , woman and child, we will be victorious now and these days will turn into days of joy and celebration.