Why does the world hate the Jews so much?  When America retaliated for Sept 9, nobody screamed genocide. Nobody made protests around the world or said they were crossing a red line.

When Israel retaliates for a barbaric terror attack on Oct. 7, the world screams “genocide”. Why doesn’t the world scream genocide about the attack perpetrated against Israel? Why do people try to side with the “innocent Gazan civilians”?? Why does everything turn around to try to portray Israel negatively? Sure the media are to blame in great part….but why are people so blind and so brain washed? It is incredible to see hatred all around the world for absolutely no justifiable reason. Many people do not even know why they hate the Jews, they just pick up the mantra of the media or the leftists.

Israel constantly tries to convince the world we are the “most moral army in the world”, “we are careful not to kill innocent civilians”, “we warn people to flee before we attack”….but the world doe not care. They still scream we need to send humanitarian aid to Gaza. Why??? Why should Israel, a country at war trying to regain our kidnapped citizens and protect our country, and basically survive in the middle of a region of hostility, have to be accused of not allowing in humanitarian aid to the enemy? Which country gives aid to its enemy in the midst of the war? Did anyone ask Germany to provide humanitarian aid to the Jews in concentration camps?   It is not Israels job to save the Gazans.  Let other countries take in those so called “Innocent civilians” and look after them….but nobody does. Nobody wants them! If fellow muslims don’t want them, how innocent can they be? Perhaps they know they will cause trouble…..

It is time for the world to see the truth. Israel are not occupiers, aggressors or provocateurs.It is exactly the opposite: we are the innocent civilians being attacked with no justification by a cruel , barbaric enemy whose sole intention is to kill Jews. The terrorists are not even interested in land. They know they have no claim to the land of Israel.  They just want to instill fear and try to destroy the Jewish nation, God forbid. Then they plan to go on to the rest of the world.  Do not be naïve. They have no good motivations for Israel or for any other country. 
Let the world stand up for truth and real morality. Let the world help to defeat this barbaric enemy and overcome such hatred.  We can work together for that if people will stop siding with evil. 

Let the world wake up!   Because it is not just Israel suffering.  This wont stop with Israel.

However, we are now in the month of Adar, the most joyous month on the Jewish calendar. And just like in the story of Purim we defeated our arch enemy Haman, so too now we should merit to see the destruction of Hamas and all other terror organizations.  May we merit Moshiach now!