Ceasefire in time for ramadan? Seriously? No, there must be no reward or taking into consideration anything that is part of the terrorists agenda. No way!   Now is the time for victory. Now is the time for going full force ahead to destroy the enemy. Not to pause the fighting and interrupt the victory.

The world is again pressuring Israel for a Palestinian state or even a Palestinian governing body in Gaza. Absolutely not!   Terrorists have no place in the holy land of Israel. It does not belong to them. They have no purpose to be there.

Jewish blood is not cheap.  We need to have Jewish pride and keep our hearts firm in our resolve to get rid of our evil enemies. This is the path to real peace. Otherwise, if we compromise on truth, it leads to more terror attacks.  Just speaking about making peace with the enemy opens up the country to problems.

The Israeli government MUST do something they have had a difficult time doing for years…..tell the world the TRUTH. The land of Israel belongs to the Jews. Period. God gave it to us. There can be no dividing up our holy land. No other nation has any right to it at all. Once that is said, nobody can argue.  Nobody wants to go to war against God.  This will bring respect to Israel.  This is what must be done for a complete victory. We need to keep our respect, keep our heads high and our eyes towards Heaven and we need to have an attitude of victory and strength.

This is the month of Adar, when we increase in joy. May we have many reasons to be joyous! And may we see the downfall of our enemies just like the Jews defeated Haman during the days of Purim, so too may we get rid of our modern day Haman….Hamas harasha!