Let’s take a moment and consider the incredible faith and selflessness of the Jewish people….parents who lost sons in the war , even those killed by mistaken “friendly” fire, go out to comfort the soldiers who shot their sons or to bring inspiration and comfort to the Jewish nation, encouraging them to go forward and not give up in this war against evil.   Women whose husbands were killed, leaving behind several orphans, do not sit down to grieve excessively: they accept the decree with love and are proud of their husbands. They feel the pain of all the Jewish nation and they insist on fighting to the end, to win against such a bitter barbaric enemy.

The Jewish soldiers don tefillin, tzitzis, learn Torah, take sefer Torahs with them into the battlefield, say shema Yisrael, pray and do mitzvot…..all as a preparation and segula to be successful and protected in battle.

We, the Jewish nation, call upon the Name of God to save us, and we have mercy even upon our enemies.

We value life.   Yet everyone willingly and without hesitation will give up their life to save another person.

We bury our holy soldiers (and even civilians) who give their life for the land of Israel and the people of Israel. We cry , we mourn but we go on with life and we do not complain to God or cry out in fear.  We have faith: we know God will save us and will help us win the war.

Now let’s consider the terrorist attitudes:

They call upon God before they go and kill innocent people.

They commit barbaric acts of violence and evil to have “fun” while they kill people. They have no mercy on men, women or children.

When things get rough, they cry out in fear. Like cowards they hide in tunnels, afraid to face their enemies. Like cowards they cry to the world to do something to save them. Like cowards they sell each other out. Like cowards they use people as human shields.  

They have no mercy upon anyone, including the hostages . They starve them, cruelly taunt them, harm them in every way they can, do not supply medicine to anyone and they still want world sympathy?? They do not even have mercy upon their own citizens in Gaza! What kind of brotherhood is that?

And the world foolishly tries to condemn Israel: genocide, they shout. Killing too many gaza “civilians” they claim. Slow down. Make a peace treaty immediately (why?? So the terrorists can escape, move the hostages away, and try to re arm???).  

Victory will only be gained by going full force ahead and eliminating evil.  Terrorists who have only one intention in mind, to destroy Israel and take our land, cannot be tolerated.   There are some types of evil that can be refined or fixed. But there are some types that can only be destroyed.

The hamas terrorists have to be destroyed. They have no right to continue their path of evil.  They have no right to make any claim to the land of Israel. They have no right to try to negotiate a cease fire to serve their own interests.  They know their end is near so they try harder.  But they will not succeed. 

Still the world is trying to push Israel to make a two state solution. No!  There cannot be two states. You know why? Because Israel is not even one state.  The wording “state of Israel” is incorrect. Israel is not a secular state. Israel is a HOLY LAND given to the Jewish people by God Almighty. And He never gave it to two people. He only gave it to the Jewish people for eternity. Therefore, two states can never happen. Even one state is inaccurate.  Israel is simply the Holy land. We have no right to share it.  It belongs to the Jewish nation, a holy nation.

So please, let the world keep quiet. Let the world pray for Israels victory. Let the world stand up for truth and not live in fear of terror. Let the world take a decisive moral stand against terror!  Let the world stand with Israel. Otherwise they automatically stand with terror.  Let the world choose good.  WE are very close to the final redemption. When Moshiach comes the world will see the truth but then it will be too late to choose the right path. Choose it now. When Moshaich will judge the nations of the world, he will remember who stood with Israel and who worked against them….