Why is it that the moment Israel gets close to eliminating the evil terrorists and their leaders, the world starts screaming “cease fire”??    Why is the world trying to protect such arch enemies? Do they want to give those terrorists a chance to escape? Or to move the hostages to other areas?  Why should the world open their mouths to say anything?

Why is America interfering in the war?  Obviously it is all for political reasons, to garner more votes. Everyone has their own personal agenda . Nobody cares about Israel!  That is the sad reality of the world in general.

Yes, there are exceptions….but certainly the media portrays Israel as the aggressor, as using excessive force, as killing people without care….total lies! The try to manipulate everything to make a case for the so called “Palestinian” cause….but there is no palestinian cause!  There is no Palestinian people. There is no  right to any part of the land of Israel by any nation other than the Jewish nation. There is no such thing as being an occupier because we are simply occupying our own God given land.

World, wake up! All the tactics of the terrorists is simply to encourage more terror, to continue barbaric attacks….not just against Israel but the entire world. Their vision is to take over everywhere. They have very evil and sick ideas…..can nobody see the truth?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe once gave a talk and he was crying out about the terrible Camp David Accords…even Carter did not believe Israel would sign.  What did Israel get in exchange for those accords? Nothing more than a piece of paper! Instead of a true peace agreement, all they got was a worthless piece of paper! Nobody wanted peace. The Arab terrorists do not care about peace.  But world pressure and especially American pressure caused the Israelis to make that mistake.

Let’s hope the world will learn a lesson now and keep their mouths shut. Let Israel win this war. Let Israel be victorious.  In any case Israel will win because we have God on our side….Israel will win because we must win. Just like we won against Haman in the purim story. We will now win against Hamas in our modern day purim saga.

It is God Almighty Who secures victory for us. We do not need the world. We only need the help of the Almighty. But He wants to see us choosing the right side, the right attitudes….and the entire world needs to understand that a victory for Israel is a victory against terror for the entire world!