Terrorists give Islam a negative image. They make it look like a dogma of evil and barbarism.  Muslims have hated Jews for centuries, way before 1967.  There have, of course , been decent good muslims too with good relationships to their Jewish neighbors.  But many muslim societies somehow degenerated into places of hatred, preaching to kill Jews.  This is the Purim story all over again. Find someone to blame, someone who seems “different” and who you might even be jealous of….Haman , the evil arch enemy of the Jews in Persia, chose to blame and seek to destroy all the Jews just because of his anger to one Jew, Mordechai hatzadik.  But we all know the end of that story….he plotted against the entire Jewish nation but the entire thing was turned around and he himself was hanged instead along with all his sons.

Anyone who can justify rape, barbarous murder, burning infants, women and children (as well as men) in the most horrendous way cannot be following a religion based on truth or holiness. To be a martyr by killing Jews with the claim that we are “occupying” their land is pure evil.  Such a person is not a martyr and does not go up to Heaven! Such a person descends to the depths of hell and there is no end to their suffering in the afterlife. There can be no forgiveness for such evil.  Such evil needs to be destroyed! 

We cannot allow such evil to continue or to be given any recognition. We cannot allow people to perpetrate such evil acts under the name of “Allah”. This is not religion. This is not truth. This is barbarism. Pure evil.  It has no place in this world.   It is shameful! Anyone who supports such a so called “religion” or “ideology” shares in their guilt. Shame on them!!   It is an embarrassment to society and to decency and morality.

It is incredible how many people comment on facebook or youtube, after hearing stories of Israelis miraculous survivals yet horrendous destruction of families or communities, such ridiculous illogical things like “well, that is what happens when you occupy a land that is not yours”. Really? This is how some foolish people wish to justify murder of innocent people?  Besides, even the terrorists know Israel is OUR LAND. It belongs to us. there is no ‘OCCUPATION”. WE ARE OCCUPYING OUR OWN LAND. But despite that, there is no justification for barbaric murder, and how the terrorists enjoyed committing such acts of evil.  How is that a justification for not owning the land of Israel?   Such a chutzpa.  They want to steal everything from us, including our own God given land!!  Shame on them.

So next time someone talks about occupation, tell them to read the Bible and see who the land of Israel really belongs to. And next time someone tries to justify such an evil, unprovoked massacre, by claiming “occupation”, tell them would they say the same if someone massacred their families because they want to claim they are occupying America which used to belong to the Indians? Does that justify terror attacks? Sorry, it is a very lame argument and it is basically based on antisemitism and hatred.

In reality this war is not even about land. It is about killing Jews, chasve shalom. And it is a test run: if they would succeed, God forbid, they will then repeat it for Americans, Europeans and other countries. This is their charter plan. Make no mistake. So pray for the victory of Israel. God will save us and will bring about the downfall of our enemies just as He did on Purim. And this is part of the preparation for the imminent redemption with the coming of Moshiach, may it be very soon.