I was listening to a news reporter saying that Hamas have a “religious” agenda for their massacre…that they want to get Jerusalem as their capital….and that Israel does not have a religious agenda!  Such shocking lies.  Is this what people have been brain washed to believe? That the brutality and evil of Hamas has any religious basis to it? Is this what “Allah” wants, to massacre innocent men, women and children (including babies), to rape young girls and even elderly, in order to try to win land??? Sorry, that is not a religious agenda!  That is pure evil!

Israel certainly has the only religious agenda: to protect the holy land that God has given us!  And to hold on to every inch of it, including Jerusalem , because it is God given land and we have no right to give any part of it away.  That is a “religious” agenda. That is a holy agenda.

So you can see how the media twists everything around to push their own agendas. But how can anyone try to justify such evil under the name of “religion”?? This is what I cannot fathom. Anyone siding with evil harbors the same anti semitic sentiments deep inside.   

If Islamic terrorists would come to America wanting to take over the country and force everyone to adopt their Islamic beliefs, would Americans say bravo, they have  a religious agenda??? Of course not. They would fight in every manner they could to prevent such atrocities. 

Why does anyone choose to believe the terrorists have any right to the land of Israel any more than they do to the land of America??  It is simply foolishness and delusion. There is no difference. Because Israel does not belong to the arabs any more than America does!

And in reality, this entire fight is not about land!  It is about trying to take over the world and convert everyone to Islam. And if no one can see that, it is time to wake up!