The whole world keeps screaming about getting more food and aid to the “starving” Palestinians.  Where is the outrage and shouting to get proper food and medical care to the Israeli hostages?? Why is the world silent on that?  Because the media in particular always portrays the Palestinian interests, trying to sway public opinion in that direction and away from the Israeli crisis.  Antisemitism at its best. 

All the politicians like to speak about how they support Israel and are the best friend of Israel…only to make a u turn when their political agenda requires support of arab voters. Suddenly they cry out about Israeli being too aggressive, not considering “innocent” civilians, not allowing enough aid into Gaza….why??? We all heard many of the hostages who were freed saying how cruel the so called “innocent’ civilians are. They participated in the massacre. They approved of what Hamas did….they celebrated the cruelty with no shame.  They are not innocent!  If they were so innocent, why do other arab countries, or even European countries , not take them in. Why does everyone try to criticize Israel, the victim, rather than offering refuge to these “suffering” Gazans??? Let Europe take them in and feed them. Let the arab neighboring countries take them in and provide for them.  But no, they only want to pressure Israel to stop their attacks, allow in aid, and nobody cares if the hostages are returned, are suffering, are starving….it is an incredible situation . 

How can anyone respect such governments? How can anyone try to re elect Biden or any liberals when they work against justice and even give a stamp of approval to terror by trying to help the Gazans rather than pushing to eliminate hamas?

But the Almighty allows comes to the aid of Israel and will continue to do so.  The world will see the truth but we hope it will happen sooner than later. We hope people will choose good rather than evil.   This is all part of the preparation for welcoming the Messianic era when there will no longer be any evil in the world.