We learn in Torah that whoever reads the Megillah backwards does not fulfill their obligation…but it really means whoever reads the megillah as if it happened in the past and no longer applies did not fulfill their obligation. In every generation non Jews rise against us to try to destroy us and Hashem saves us.

We can certainly see the Purim story re enacted in our modern day situation this year. Our modern day Haman is clearly Hamas…..our modern day Achashveirosh is clearly Biden (he sold us out in two minutes without blinking an eye)….our modern day Vashti is Kamal harris (shame on her for her behavior and attitudes)….and we each have to be the modern day Esther and Mordechai. Each and every Jew has to be a Mordechai and Esther now. We each need to stand up firmly with no compromise for what is right and truthful. We need to connect to our roots, our essence, and to our holy Torah and pray for salvation.

We will merit a big victory. We will see things change around just as in the Purim story.

But more importantly, may we merit Moshiach already. Soon we will enter the month of Nissan, a month of miracles and redemption. Passover celebrates freedom and so we pray that it should bring freedom for the Hostages and even more to bring complete freedom from exile with the coming of Moshiach.