The Lubavitcher Rebbe has said time and time again, the only way for Israel to succeed in it’s goal and security is to STOP ASKING the approval of America or any other country and to remain VERY FIRM AND UNCOMPROMISING in its stance for security. We need to do whatever is needed to ensure security, safety for our people and to get rid of our enemies who rise up against us.

There are people who think we need America’s approval because they give us weapons etc.  Yes, true they give weapons…but the Rebbe said, of what use will be weapons if there is nothing left to protect!!  We need to let the entire world know we will not back down, we will not give in one inch and we will do whatever is necessary to defend and protect ourselves. With that strong stance, we will see that things will work out in the long run. America may threaten or complain…but if they see Israel is not weak, they will not continue their unfair and unjustified demands.

Ultimately it is the Almighty Who protects and saves Israel. We need only His approval and protection. He will provide everything we need with miracles as long as we, the Jewish people, do His will and stand up for our rights and do not give in to the demands of the non Jewish nations, including the terrorists.

Now we are soon entering the month of Nissan, a month of miracles and redemption. We pray that already before pesach we should merit the complete redemption and the third holy Temple in Jerusalem. We should be able to say “this year in Jerusalem” at our seder!