Again the United States has put Israel in a difficult position…all for their own political agenda. How can the person people refer to as the President of America have forgotten the atrocities of October 7 and choose to condemn Israel for trying to eliminate the danger of terrorism? How can he try to defend the so called “Palestinians” in Gaza? How can he try to stop Israel from the Rafah invasion? It is very clear that he is ready to sell the Jewish nation for his own selfish motivations. This is modern century life in America??

But Israel needs to stop looking for approval from anyone, including America. If Biden can try to force Israel to stop their invasion by threatening to stop sending  weapons to Israel, that says a lot about his attitudes towards the Jews.  Even Ukraine does not come up against such criticism!   

The “hidden” (and now more openly revealed) anti semitism in America is a tough pill to swallow. But it is becoming clear to everyone that even colleges are not safe for Jews.  When will we, the Jewish nation, wake up and realize secular learning is not something to look up to and college degrees are not something to aspire to.  True security will come when we put our entire life in the hands of the Almighty and realize we have to return to the right path in life and fight against the evil rearing its ugly head in society.

We need to know that the only way Jews can be safe is if the Almighty protects us  just as we on Passover in the hagaddah: In every generation there are non Jews who rise up to destroy us but the Almighty saves us from their hands. 

Israel needs no approval from anyone to do what needs to be done for our security and to get back our hostages. We do not need to allow Biden or anyone else to dictate what level of force to use in this war against evil.  The more that Israel delays its powerful response to terror, the more it increases terror and delays getting back the hostages.   Not going forward because America issues warnings and consequences is absolutely wrong. America needs to know they are NOT the ruler or creator of this world. They are NOT in charge of Israel of the Jewish nation. If they want the privilege of helping the Jewish nation, they have that opportunity. If not, our help will come from elsewhere and the consequences for America will not be pleasant.

Remember: there are no real “innocent” people in Gaza.   Those so called “innocent people” helped plunder, murder and rape the Israelis on October 7.  And even if someone wishes to claim there are innocent children, if the majority of Gaza are made up of terrorists or terrorist supporting civilians, they cannot be considered innocent nor should anyone have consideration for them. If they put their own children in harms way, that just shows the mentality they have and the lack of consideration for human life. But it is not Israelis problem or responsibility to consider any of that while fighting a just war that is not only self defense but to insure Israel’s survival.

But again: all of these political issues would be unnecessary if Israel would have done what the Lubavitcher Rebbe recommended for years: to say the truth to the world!  Israel belongs to the Jewish people because it was given to us by the Almighty and it is clearly written in the Torah. Anytime we decide to say the truth we will see good results and will no longer have to beg for approval from the world for what we need to do or how to fight our battles.  There will be no discussion of Palestinian state. There will be no two state solution. There will be zero tolerance for terrorism. This is only possible when the false concept of Israel being the aggressor and the muslims having any claim to our land. It is never too late: start now. Speak the truth!