The whole world is so busy with the poor, “suffering” Palestinians….but are they really suffering?   To me, if someone suffers they tend to become more compassionate to others, more caring, want to help others and do good. They want to use their suffering to do something good for others in a similar situation. People who have compassion want to get involved in charity work, want to speak out for truth and justice etc.   They relate to others in the same situation and feel compassion. But that is not what we see from the “civilians’ in gaza…

   The Jewish nation has suffered for thousands of years, oppressed by numerous regimes, and even after such a terrible decimation as the holocaust, the Jewish people continue to be compassionate and in fact make a special effort to help others who are going through difficulties. Why does the Israeli army have a reputation of being the most moral army in the world? Because the Jewish people do not want to kill people unnecessarily. They have kind, compassionate hearts…even though the Palestinians are enemies to them and not friends. The Jewish people understand suffering and are connected to G-d and to His Torah and follow the dictates of holiness and truth. We, the Jewish nation, have a proper moral compass.

But what do the “suffering” Palestinians do? They rejoice when the Jews suffer. They show no compassion. They show no care for the Jewish hostages, not even for women or children. They aid hamas in their evil plans. They enjoy beating up innocent, shocked hostages rather than giving them any sort of consideration. They support the terrorist regime!  They encourage rape, murder and cruelty.  If they truly were suffering, they would appreciate the gestures Israel shows them. They would speak out asking to release the hostages. They would never vote for hamas. They would certainly not come out in the streets to beat people or cheer on the terrorists.  They would not sacrifice their own children for an evil regime. Even if one wants to claim they are afraid to speak up, why is it they participate in the evil and they enjoy it? They should hide in their homes and certainly not go no the news to complain and try to awaken world sympathy for their “plight” which they brought upon themselves!

If the Palestinians are truly suffering, they would want change. They would get the international community on board to back them up and they would get rid of the evil leadership in gaza and elsewhere. They would never cooperate with evil. They would take positive action and they would even side with Israel. But when they work against Israel and try to destroy Israel, when their whole mentality is about destroying the Jews, G-d forbid, how can anyone sympathize with such people?  They need to change their attitude and their ways; to change their charter of evil and destruction. Otherwise nobody should show them sympathy or side with them! Nobody should chant their mantras of destroying Israel. Nobody should blindly listen to the media and what the Palestinians say because it is all emotional and psychological war fare with no truth to back it up.

When people start shouting that the Palestinians have a right to their land and Israel is the oppressor, this just proves how ignorant and foolish those people are. And these are university professors? University students? Who can even respect a university degree in today’s day and age!!

So no, palestinians are not suffering. If they are, they would not blame Israel. They would blame their leadership!  Until they do that, the world should not recognize even one thing they say. Nobody should provide “humanitarian” aid to people who do not behave like humans!  Why should aid trucks go to gaza?  The hostages are not being given aid or food.  Nobody cares.

If the Palestinians send rockets into Israel or kill Jewish civilians, nobody shouts genocide.  But if Israel, during self defense and during this war, kills Palestinians, the whole world screams genocide. Why the hypocrisy of the world??

The media is anti semitic. The world has to wake up and see the truth.  Because it is not only Israel that the terrorists are after… will be the entire world.    But the Almighty will not allow evil to rule. It is time to wake up and take back our world. Take back morality and truth and kindness. It is time to make the world great again!