Humor is one of the greatest gifts G-d has given to mankind.  With humor even difficult situations lighten up. Once we realize we can still laugh even during hardships, it helps us to overcome challenges with greater power. And in fact simcha poretz geder: simcha, joy, breaks down barriers. Why is that? Because when we have joy, we break the obstacles and worries and fears within ourselves, allowing Hashem to take over (it is no longer about ourselves or what we want or what we think or plan: it is all whatever Hashem’s will is. And when we give up our own will and submit to a Higher will, we are able to experience true joy)  . When we do that Hashem removes all the obstacles and problems we face as well.  Where there is joy, there is no room for anything negative.

It is not easy to laugh our way through life.  But we learn from Adar to laugh. Laughing is what changes things. In the month of Adar, through constant laughter we can change things from one extreme to the other.

Joy and laughter sweeten gevurot, harshness and denim, judgments , therefore allowing them to change to the side of chesed,kindness , and be revealed in a way of open goodness.

Everyone has challenges. Everyone has situations that put us into a very dark or gloomy place. But if from within that darkness we are able to laugh, we can reveal a lot of light.  It is laughter and joy that transform a person from a place of sadness, pain or worry, to a place of goodness, light and happiness.

So there is still a week left of Adar. Keep on laughing, dancing and rejoicing. Even after Purim, one’s joy must increase all the more.