The light of Moshiach

The last days of Passover always bring to mind Moshiach. We even eat a Moshiach seuda on the eighth day towards evening: matza and four more cups of wine or grape juice. This is the meal of Moshiach and we actually internalize our connection to Moshiach.
On these last day sof Passover the light of Moshiach shines and we have the opportunity to tap into that light and connect ourselves to the true redemption and to the redeemer. 
We need to free ourselves from all worries, fears, obstacles and negativity. Then we can find inner tranquility and a feeling of joy and holiness.  And one way to do that is to connect to the Moshe Rabbenu of our generation, the Moses of our generation. In every generation there is a leader of the Jewish people. 
But furthermore there is a spark of Moshe in each Jew, in each of us. And we can tap into that spark within ourselves as well and free ourlves from all constraints and problems.  And when we do that we then connect to Moshiach and anticipate the complete redemption, the geulah shleima.
The Torah explains that the last redeemer (Moshiach) is the first redeemer (Moshe).    We need to connect to Moshe and to Moshiach on order to really free ourselves from exile and our exile mentality.   May it be this Pesach!