Today is the special day of Gimmel Tamuz, the day that our Rebbe, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, was concealed from us until the coming of Moshiach.   But what can we do to connect with the Rebbe? We can learn the Rebbe’s teachings of chassidus, follow the Rebbe’s ways and fulfill the Rebbe’s directives. Perhaps the most important directive from the Rebbe was about loving every Jew unconditionally. And this is what our generation finds difficult. Because it is so important, the yetzer hara (evil inclination) tries very hard to create conflicts between people. The Rebbe wrote in Hayom yom of yesterday, that if in our hearts we feel separated from even one Jew, it affects the totality of the Jewish people and causes a spiritual blemish.  Perhaps the main thing we should work on now, and may the merit of Gimmel Tamuz and the Rebbe  help us, is to improve our love of our fellow and our interpersonal relationships. We need to speak well of everyone, think well of everyone, give people the benefit of the doubt instead of being judgmental and we need to pray for everyone and do our best to help others.  The Rebbe had patience and love for every single Jew and in fact for every human being who came to see him. He always saw everyone and everything in a positive light: seeing the good potential hidden within and overlooking the external faults.  This is something we can learn from the Rebbe.

Let us honor the Rebbe and make the Rebbe proud by trying to improve our character traits, add in goodness and kindness and live with a Moshiach mentality.

May we truly merit, speedily and now, the revelation of Moshiach and the complete redemption when the entire world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d.