I just heard about a really interesting new computer program for making shidduchim. 
I think everyone agrees shidduchim are more challenging in general than they used to be. The ages of singles are going up. People are expressing a lot of frustration with the shidduch system and with being presented shidduchim that have nothing in common with what they are looking for. Shadchanim are well meaning but often very busy. They may not know properly either of the people they are trying to match. And the situation is only getting more difficult and more disappointing for many young people and their parents.
So now a new shidduch computer program has been developed based on compatibility scoring. This service is being offered free of charge to everyone. There is no cost involved and no payment expected at any point in time.
Everyone is free to register and fill up the questionnaire and then see which shidduchim come up that have high compatibility scores.
Why is high compatibility important? Because the more compatible a couple is, the greater are the chances of a happy, successful marriage.
Apparently the computer checks for many levels of compatibility, from spiritual to physical appearance to character traits, goals etc.  The 200 questions in the questionnaire are very detailed and covers all the most important aspects of life.
So please go ahead to let friends, family,  and singles know about this new website:

May all Jewish people merit to find their basherts easily!