Well, it is Pesach again! I love Pesach. Even though we spend so much time cleaning, it is such a special yom tov. I especially love matza. Matza is pure G-dliness. When you eat shmura matza (the special hand made matza) you are really eating G-dliness. How often can you partake of food that is so holy? And the idea of Pesach is bitul, humility, and really going out of our personal limitations and problems, our personal "mitzraim". And of course we focus on the complete redemption with Moshiach. So it is a very important yom tov. 
As I was sitting at the seder this year I was thinking to myself how amazing it must have been when the Jews went out of Egypt the first time. The feeling must have been electrifying…sitting in their homes, awaiting redemption, knowing the angel would be passing over their houses and destroying the Egyptians….the feeling of faith they had and excitement to actually leave their life of bondage must have been something incredible. And I guess we have to think like that too….what will it feel like to actually go out of this galus? to actually greet Moshaich? to actually be free from all the problems we as a Jewish nation face, or even we as individuals face? And that is how we should live our lives, with the constant hope and belief in imminent redemption, living each day to its fullest to accomplish as much as possible in galus. May we merit redemption immediately!