I recently heard an amazing devar Torah about how we experience Hashem in our lives. Miracles are the way we experience Hashem. Why? Because Hashem set up the world through nature and the laws of nature. Nevertheless, those laws of nature are every bit as much G-dliness as a miracle. And through nature Hashem does miracles. Nature itself helps and is "friendly". He gave an example of how in the Beit Hamikdash rain would never put out the fire on the Altar and so on.
So nature itself often works in miraculous ways to show us and give us that affirmation of Hashem’s existence and how our prayers are truly answered.
We have to see how Hashem helps us in so many "small" and "big" ways….often we notice how Hashem changes the weather to suit our needs. 
We have to learn to pay attention and notice these miracles in our daily lives. For example, I was once traveling on a flight and the captain kept repeating that we would be passing by a hurricane area and we should expect considerable turbulence. I am terrified of turbulence and I was traveling alone and I felt like panicking. But then I said to myself that if Hashem put me on this flight, surely it would be okay. I took out my tehillim and I said the entire sefer of tehillim for the duration of the flight. And I must tell you that there was not even ONE moment of turbulence on the entire flight! The captain put on the seatbelt sign several times and announced to prepare for tubulence (at least 15 times throughout the trip)…but the turbulence never came. And when he landed, with a slightly confused voice the captain announced over the loud speaker that he could not understand what happened but somehow we never did experience the turbulence….
Well, I certainly understood….it was the power of tehillim. Hashem changed the weather just for me. And I made sure to thank Him.  
And these types of miracles are what we have to notice and thank Hashem for. These are the experiences of Hashem in our daily life.