Where has our morality gone?

I don’t like to get into politics but when something is wrong it hurts and I cannot remain silent. The young soldier who killed the terrorist who was supposedly “neutralized” is sitting in prison on manslaughter charges! A total injustice.  I cannot believe this is actually happening in Israel. Any terrorist who rises up to even try to kill a Jew has to be killed first. This is self defense.  And even if a soldier killed a terrorist who was “neutralized” that is not a reason to imprison the soldier! There is nothing immoral about killing a terrorist, neutralized or not. And which terrorist is really neutralized anyway??  Eventually he goes back to killing. Especially when the Israeli govt constantly releases terrorists! 
Because let’s face it: terrorists don’t want peace. They hate Jews. They hate Israel. They want everything for themselves and they do it all under the name of “religion”. Therefore such anti semitic evil people have no right to exist. They question our right to exist?? Excuse me, they have no right to exist!
And there is nothing immoral about killing someone whose entire and only intention is to kill Jews. Was it immoral to hang Haman?? Was it immoral to kill the German Nazis? Was it immoral to kill arab masterminds behind terror attacks?  Was it immoral to kill the terrorists behind the Munich massacre. Where has our Jewish dignity and self respect gone??
There is nothing immoral about killing immoral people!  Someone who comes with a knife to stab and kill Jews has no right to be given any type of  consideration. And if soldiers are told to restrict their reactions to terror, that is when Jews get hurt. That is when being too compassionate to the wrong people, to our enemies, leads to being cruel to our own people.
So let’s all pray that Hashem should put wisdom and understanding into the minds of the Israeli govt and should help us all to regain our sense of purpose, holiness, true morality and dignity. True morality is only based on Torah. And, as the Rebbe said so many times, the Torah itself says if someone comes to kill you, you kill him first. This is a matter of self preservation. We cannot be more moral than the Torah.
The same way Hashem gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people and as such we have no RIGHT to give away one inch of land. That is going against Hashem Himself.