Let’s set the record straight: Israel belongs to the Jewish people because it was given to us as a gift from the Almighty and once we settled the land, it became the holy land. Nobody has any claim to it because it was specifically given to the Jewish nation.  Therefore, we are not occupiers: the arabs are occupying our land! As such, we have no right to give away one inch of our land!

Now what about the accusation that Israel are aggressors?  Really? Who started the war? Who butchered in the most depraved , cruel way thousands of men, women and children? 

And why is everyone screaming “proportional response”?? How can you measure a proportional response to such evil? The ONLY  response is to totally eradicate the evil doers. To completely annihilate them. That is true self defense, not only for Israel but the whole world. Because terrorists are everywhere. It is not just an Israeli conflict.

And why are people so concerned about the so called “civilians” in Gaza?  It is not Israel’s problem. Israel warned them to get out, which it did not even have to do. There is no reason to be a moral army when we are dealing with a totally immoral enemy. Would anyone have warned the Germans before bombing them??  But even so, Israel sent a warning. None of the arab countries want to take them in!  So how is that Israel’s problem??? 

From the beginning, the people of gaza should not vote hamas yemach shemo into power. From the beginning the people should move away and settle in other locations. Why do they stay there? Why do they support terror? And if they do, it is their problem. And if they are unable to move because hamas does not allow them, let the UN and other international organizations talk to hamas, not pressure Israel.

Even Biden sounded good in his speech….but suddenly he also is calling for restraint. He is no friend of Israel. He also puts pressure wrongly.

Let no one be naïve. Israel needs to finish this war. And may this bring the redemption to the world, the complete Geula through Moshiach. May there be only peace in the world and only happiness. But for that to happen, we need to eliminate the enemy, the terrorists. May we see supernatural success because we have the Almighty on our side, fighting for justice, truth and peace. We need to tell the world the truth: this land is ours. There will never be a two state solution. This is our land and we need to protect it and all the people living in the holy land.

We actually learn from Rashi, the greatest commentator on Torah, that G-d began the Torah with the words “In the beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth…” Why ? because at some point in time, Rashi says, the non Jewish nations will try to claim that the Jewish people stole the land of Israel. But here we see that G-d Himself created the world and divided the lands up according to His will. He apportioned the land of Israel to the Jews. And even if at some point they had to conquer it from other nations living there, that was part of the plan. But it always belonged to the Jews because G-d wanted it that way from the very beginning. Avraham himself bought the kever machpela (Chevron) but the arab world refuses to even recognize that. They simply want to steal our land. So we need to be ready to answer the world and say the truth!

for more information please look at my section entitled Security of Land of Israel (under the icon entitled Moshiach).