It is unbelievable how quickly the world forgets or puts on the back burner the atrocities committed against innocent Jewish people in Israel.  They are quick to accuse Israel of unproportional response.  Israel hit (by mistake) a hospital in Gaza and everyone is up in arms….why??? If the people of Gaza care so much, why don’t they move people in Gaza out of hospitals and go to other areas??  Why do they stay in the war zone and then cry about their losses?  They use any opportunity to condemn Israel.

In reality, Israel has every right to bomb without mercy to get rid of these terrorists.  Did anyone want to show mercy to the Nazis yemach shemom? Did anyone cry if a german hospital was bombed? No, because everyone had the same goal: to stop the german atrocities.  But why is there a different standard for Israel??? 

It is all the confusion and anti semitism of the world. The world should have NO PITY for people in Gaza. Even if there are some “innocent” civilians, they should leave. But nobody has to pity the people of Gaza. They set up terrorist bases from there. They elect hamas officials. They do not protest atrocities against Israel: they just try to garner support from the world for their own people knowing full well the evil that hamas perpetrates. Is that a society to pity ?  Nobody likes the loss of civilian lives. But this is war!  And if we do not stop terrorists, this will become a world wide problem. 

G-d Almighty tells us in His Torah to eliminate and eradicate Amalek. He tells us at certain times not to pity people that Israel had to go to war with because it was a matter of survival and of doing the right thing. If a nation arises and does things against what G-d wants, that nation cannot be pitied.  G-d destroyed the entire  cities of Sodom and amora because they became corrupt. There were cities where the majority of people were idol worshippers and G-d commanded those cities to be destroyed. Because if the majority are corrupted, there is a good chance the entire place will become corrupted and turn against G-d. 

We must not forget: this is not a war against Israel. This is a war against G-d!   Hamas breaks every rule in the Bible, even the 7 Noachide laws. Do not murder. Do not kidnap….it is plain and clear. Yet they have no fear of Heaven, and they pretend to be doing this in the name of religion. It is absolutely disgusting. And where is the proper world opinion?   How can anyone try to defend the people of Gaza when their leadership is so corrupt and evil???

This may sound harsh but there are times when such a stance is necessary to rid the world of evil. This is a fight against evil. This is a fight in honor of G-d Almighty.  Let us not back down from this fight. Let Israel complete the job and let no one interfere . Shame on the world that watches silently while Jews are slaughtered and yet makes a huge noise about the “civilians” of gaza!  May the Almighty grant proper understanding to the nations of the world and give strength to the Israeli leadership to do what is needed to eliminate terror.