Purim, the happiest day of the year. The day when our sins are forgiven through joy. Yom kippurim is called a day LIKE purim. On yom kippur we are forgiven through fasting and prayers. On purim, through joy.

But how do we achieve true joy? Purim is all about defeating and eradicating Haman harasha. Of course there is a physical Haman in every generation. But there is also a spiritual Haman. A spiritual Amalek. Haman is a descendant of Amalek (who comes from Esav).  By gematria, Amalek equals safek (doubt). So Haman is that little inner voice of doubt. The nation of Amalek attacked the Jews when they left Egypt. The Jews had just seen miracles in their exodus from Egypt but Amalek attacked for one purpose only: to cool off the Jews enthusiasm in G-d and in miracles. Basically, Amalek wanted to fight with G-d but they understood to do so, they needed to fight the Jewish nation.

In each of us is a level of Amalek: that voice that tries to cool down our enthusiasm for Torah and mitzvot. It brings doubts in our faith in Hashem.  Anything that brings doubts or destroys our unity and joy is part of  Amalek and must be eradicated. This is what Purim is all about.

Even our yetzer hara, evil inclincation, is a little Haman. That is the job of the yetzer hara: to confuse a person and cool off their enthusiasm and faith. Purim is the time to stamp out and get rid of all those impurities, negativities, doubts and worries.

Through drinking wine at the Purim seuda in the daytime, we reach a level higher than Baruch Mordechai and arur Haman: we reach a level where Hashem Himself chooses us and gives us all the blessings we need and nothing goes to the impure side. So on Purim really rejoice and pray for whatever you need and want. It is the happiest and one of the holiest days of the entire year.  Happiness is the key to destroying Amalek and getting rid of Haman.

Purim sameach to all!