For generations societies have been occupied with the “pursuit of happiness”. Nowadays, many people are moving away from proper values and just trying to be happy, as they put it. So many people turn to marijuana, drinking and other pleasures to try to escape from whatever unhappiness they are experiencing

Perhaps this entire notion of happiness being the most important thing in life, is wrong. Of course we need to serve God with joy. But that is different than running after happiness and trying to get whatever we want  Is life all about pursuing happines? Is our life’s purpose only to achieve happiness? And why is it so many people do NOT feel happy, hence the need to constantly PURSUE happiness?  Perhaps it is because deep inside we are all feeling an inner emptiness, a lack of meaning and fulfillment

Many people think if they have this, or they do that, they will be happy…..and if not, they cannot be happy. Therein lies the danger. Never make happiness dependent on anything other than serving God.

We tend to  define ourselves in terms of materialism and what makes us feel pleasure. But is that true happiness?

Maybe we need to change the pursuit of happiness idea to the pursuit of holiness. Of course we need to serve God with joy, but that is different than pursuing happiness  Instead of concentrating on our own selfish desires and wishes, we focus on why we are in this world and how we can give happiness to our Creator

When we emulate our Creator and we busy ourselves doing for others, happiness automatically comes to us. We become inwardly satisfied and content. We find inner meaning and fulfillment

Whenever we emphasize ourselves and our desires and our egos, we never end up feeling happy.

When we do for others and we put ourselves aside and just feel ourselves to be an extension of holiness, we can reach true happiness because we connect to God, the source of all happiness.

Society is constantly pushing people to buy more, acquire more material possessions, travel, spend money, get a fancier car, another ipad, a better house etc. etc  But are people happier? No, quite the opposite. Did you ever stop to think why?

Happiness can never be based on materialism  It can never be based on how much money a person has. Happiness is based on the good a person does in this world, on fulfilling one’s spiritual purpose, realizing this world is temporary.

Happiness will bubble up from inside when a person is doing what they know is right.

Insisting that you must have this or that at a particular time, will bring frustration, not happiness.

Happiness means putting yourself into God’s Hands and allowing Him to run the show, knowing He knows what is best. Happiness means increasing in goodness and kindness and helping others, despite (or even because of) your own problems. Happiness comes from humbling ourselves and allowing the light of holiness to shine in our souls.

This is what Passover is all about: humility and holiness. As we clean for Pesach and remove our spiritual “chametz” (ego, over inflated self importance), we are able to find our inner essence and to connect to truth and that itself will lead to real happiness