On Passover we became  Jewish nation. G-d chose us to be His people. Why is it called Passover? Because on the night before we left Egypt, G-d passed over the homes of the JEwish people and only destroyed the first born of the Egyptians. He Himself came down to Egypt to rescue us and did not send His angels to do the job. And every year, on Passover, at the seder nights, G-d comes down once again to every Jewish home and it is an auspicious time to pray for whatever we need help in, to be redeemed from whatever personal problems (personal “Egypt)) and limitations we have. At that time G-d hears our prayers and appoints angels to take care of what we need and ask for.

The seder nights are a special time of joy where all the celestial beings praise G-d for taking the Jewish nation out of slavery and freeing us from our Egyptian bondage.  Rejoice in being part of the Jewish nation.  Be proud of who you are. And may we all pray that Hashem should take us out of this last, darkest exile and bring the complete redemption with the coming of Moshiach now.