The world seems chaotic these day.  But underneath all that chaos is a definite change for the better. For generations society has “worshipped” money and power, put their trust in governments or systems, trusted medical advice unquestioningly etc. etc.  Now the world is changing: all the things we looked up to for generations are falling apart. All the “isms” are being seen as false. Communism, liberalism and so on. All the “idols” we built up in our psyches are crumbling one by one. Truth is surfacing. People now see what is true. The world is being white washed.  The garbage is coming out and is being rejected. People are starting to see the world through different eyes….this is all part of the process of bring Moshiach, bringing redemption. 

When coronavirus struck, everyone went into panic mode. How could families stay cooped up in the house together all day? But people began to realize that they could….marriages often improved, kids started enjoying learning at home rather than running to school…..people actually started realizing rushing to work everyday was not always necessary.  There was more to life than money.

The shopping mania that characterizes much of the world, especially the western world, suddenly fell apart.  People began to realize they could do with much less. They didn’t have to travel or take vacations constantly. They didn’t have to shop all day and keep accumulating “things”.

All of this is part of destroying the idols of society. Just like Avraham Avinu broke the idols, so must each and every one of us destroy the idols in society. We need to bring holiness into the world. We need to get people to recognize the Creator and their purpose. This is how we bring Moshiach: by opening our eyes to see how Moshiach is affecting the world towards a redemption and how we can already begin living as if we are in the times of Moshiach and prepare ourselves and our families and friends for the redemption, may it be speedily in our days.