Often when faced with , G-d forbid, a crisis or challenge in life, or a situation that causes suffering, we may think to ourselves “Where is Hashem? Is He with me or not? Why is this happening?” 

It is very important to remember that Hashem is ALWAYS with you, no matter what the situation or circumstances or place. Hashem is with you in your suffering too. No place is void of Hashem’s presence at every moment.  

When the Jews were in the desert and they could not find water, they started complaining to Moshe saying “is God with us or not?”   Right after that the evil nation of Amalek attacked them.  Amalek brought out more of that inner doubt: Is G-d with us or not?   The idea of Amalek is doubt: in gematria, the word Amalek equals safek, which means doubt, in Hebrew. 

So we all have that inner voice that tries to bring doubts into our service of Hashem, cooling off our enthusiasm, appreciation, trust etc.  And that is why we need to constantly remember that Hashem is with each of us in every situation.  There is never reason to despair.   We need to increase our trust in Hashem and rely on Him, never doubting His salvation.

Since  we are soon entering the Hebrew month of Adar, which is associated with the holiday of Purim, this is particularly connected to Amalek because Haman harasha was a descendant of Amalek and we need to eradicate Haman, eradicate Amalek, in every generation and within ourselves as well. 

Let us start to recognize our blessings and serve Hashem with joy.  Adar is the idea of everything changing around to the better BECAUSE of joy.