The Jewish nation are a miraculous people. God has been doing miracles for the Jewish people since the beginning . Our entire existence is based on miracles. Avraham Avinu and Sara Imenu were unable to have children but with miracles they were granted a son in their old age.  And so on through the generations: miracles after miracles. We are a nation of miracles. And we have to celebrate this.  Chanukah in particular celebrates miracles. Chanukah celebrates a transcendent truth.  Often we do not realize the miracles that are done for us. But if we look deeply we can become aware of many miracles, some within nature and many above nature. An actual miracle is above nature. That is why it is called a miracle.     And that is what Chanukah reminds us of.   Miracles come as a result of our self sacrifice to keep Torah and mitzvot in the best manner possible. For example, when the Maccabees won the war and took back the Holy Temple, they could have lit the menorah with regular oil that did not have a seal of the Cohen Gadol, the High Priest. But they did not want to suffice with that. they wanted the most pure oil possible. And in response to that, Hashem provided a miraculous flask of pure oil.   Each of us in our personal lives must  strive to do things in the holiest manner possible, even if it entails self sacrifice. When we do that we will see that Hashem will respond to us with miracles. Chanukah sameach!