Chanukah, the holiday of lights.  Hidden within those Chanukah lights is the special “ohr hagenuz”, the light with which the Almighty created the world.  And it is this light which is hidden for the future, when the reasons for all the suffering of exile will become revealed.  But even now, as we watch the flickering of the Chanukah lights, we can connect to our souls: we can reveal light deep within ourselves and light up our own inner darkness.  The lights of the menorah automatically nullify all impurity in the world.

We ourselves have to take an example from the menorah and be Chanukah lights: we need to spread light. We need to inspire and be a light unto others. This is the whole purpose in this world: to light up darkness and to bring light to others.   Everyone is attracted to light. People instinctively run away from darkness. That is the way Hashem created the world.  And that is what the lights of the menorah remind us of: that the entire world is truly light and holiness. It is our job to reveal that hidden light and reveal the spirituality hidden within the material realm.  As we change darkness to light, we bring the redemption closer.  May we very soon merit to be in Jerusalem watching the lights of the menorah in the Beis Hamikdash.