Wishing everyone a ketiva vchatima tova, shana tova umetukah! 

תשע"ט- Tav, Shin, Ayin, Tet, 5779 is an acronym for: – T’hei Shnat Ayin Tovah, /It will be a year of a good eye. Each of us must look at others with a good eye, with boundless love of Israel. We must love those who are not in our close circles and who are completely different than we are. When we look at someone with a good, loving eye, we discover that every person has a unique point of light that he adds to the complete picture of the Nation of Israel.  So this year may we see the good in everyone and may Hashem see the good in each of us and bless us all with a healthy, happy, sweet new year: open revealed good.

And may we merit this year the coming of Moshiach. May we merit to return to God and bring the redemption near, as in the words of Maimonides: “The Torah has already promised that ultimately Israel will return to God at the end of their exile and they will immediately be redeemed.”

Shana tova umetukah!