The decision in Israel to convict Elor Azaria of murder is shameful! there is no other way to describe it. A totally galut mentality! How low can the court system fall? 
To equate the murder of a terrorist who came to murder  Jews with regular murder is absolutely ridiculous. 
Who cares if Elor killed him on purpose? A terrorist is a terrorist. Didnt he come to murder Jews on purpose?
This is not a matter of revenge. This is a matter of security. And if a terrorist comes to harm the Jewish people, he should be killed! That is the only way to deter terrorists.  They dont understand logic. They only understand fear. May the fear of the Almighty fall upon all our enemies in the holy land and everywhere.
But truthfully what the court decided today is shameful and should not be tolerated. There have to be protests, in Israel and in America and all over. Negative publicity is not what the Israeli govt should want. May they immediately pardon Elor and do justice.  The blood of so many Jews who died al kiddush Hashem at the hand of arab terrorists should be avenged. It is about time that Israel adopts a no tolerance policy towards terror!
My post below about the security of Israel says it all. Please read and spread the word.