The name “reform” already says it all.  Judaism comes from Torah.   The Almighty gave us His Torah to live by and the only reason we have Judaism is because of the Torah.  We cannot change or modify something that is God given!   Reform means wanting to change the Torah.  How can a human being even think to do such a thing? How can anyone imagine that they know better than the Creator of the world?

The branch of “conservative” Judaism is no better.  Conservative means just doing things as much as a person wants….conservatively. And this is also changing Judaism in a wrong manner. It is the same idea: choosing those things a person “agrees” with and those the person does not “agree” with.

Of course reconstructionist movement is even lower than all of them: wanting to totally redo everything.

But in reality there is no such thing as dividing Judaism into parts: orthodox, conservative, reform. There is only one Torah given to us by the One God and we have no right to divide it up or change it. There are Jews who are more observant and Jews who are less observant. But there is no purpose in trying to label anyone by a particular name or movement.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe opposed that concept very much. A person may not be on the spiritual level to commit to full observance at this point in time, but not to reject or throw away Jewish traditions or any mitzvot. Be honest, admit one is perhaps not ready to observe fully, but do not try to change the Torah.

It is the same idea with the land of Israel: we have one land given to us by God and we have no right to divide it up and give away any part of the land.  It does not matter what our emotions or intellect feel or think….what matters is what Torah says and that is the only way to prevent terrorism and to have blessing and dwell securely in our land.

It is time to rethink our heritage, our roots, and to embrace the gift of the Torah that has been given to us, the chosen nation.  But never to try to reform or change something that is from God Almighty.