What was wrong with Netanyahu’s speech?

Well, many people may feel that Netanyahu stood up strong and spoke forcefully to the congress. 
I beg to differ. Yes, part of his speech "sounded" nice….but he always falls short of saying the truth. What is the problem with Israeli politicians? They all get entangled trying to convince the world of our right to exist, our right to defend ourselves, why we have to make painful concessions (chasve shalom) etc. etc.  But that is because they start off on the wrong foot.
Why is it that nobody says the truth?  
It is time that every Jew and every politician in Israel,  including the Prime Minister, should STOP talking about peace with the   palestinians. We do not have to pursue peace because it is an illusion: the   palestinians do not want peace and every intelligent person knows that. 
And as Jews, we are forbidden from giving away one inch of the holy land of  Israel. We all have to speak the TRUTH; that G-d gave the land of Israel to the  Jewish people, and the borders of Israel are clearly delineated in the Bible,  and nobody in the world has the right to demand that Israel give one inch of  that land away to non Jews! it is as simple as that. If anyone objects, let them take their objections to G-d. He is the only authority Who can define the borders of our land. 
 If we take that stance,  there is no talk about a ‘two state" solution. Because that will never be a  solution! There cannot be two states in Israel. There is only erezt YIsrael,  eretz hakodesh, and the palestinians (which is not even a proper term because  there is no such thing) can find plenty of other land to live in. We Jews are  not occupiers: the arabs are occupying our land and they either have to respect  or get out! It is as simple as that. When we defend our borders and we stand up  to the world and say the truth, that this is our G-d given land, all opposition  will fall away. If we give an inch, it only results in more concessions, in more  terror G-d forbid and more tragedies. Wasnt the murder of the Fogel family  enough! Hashem yirachem. We have to pray for Moshiach. THAT is the only solution  for peace.
Why are people afraid to say this? The Lubavitcher Rebbe made it clear: we cannot give away one inch of eretz Hakodesh. Doing so only invites more bloodshed, tragedy and lack of security for the Jews. 
And even from a military point of view, it makes no sense to give up one inch of our land. 
There is nothing to argue about.
We all have to make a campaign to say the truth to the world….and then we are assured of Hashem’s help and blessings and our success. America is only a shaliach from Hashem…we dont have to convince America of our right to exist. We have to rely on Hashem alone and America will do whatever it is that Hashem wants. The first step is to speak the truth!