The world has become a very confusing place……a place filled with darkness. Neverthless, as we get closer to Moshiach we can see how Hashem is purifying the world….how He is exposing impurity.  

We have to take a stand against impurity . We have to stand with Hashem. Mi Kamocha B’eilim Hashem….we have to be on Hashem’s side. On the side of kedusha. We have to choose Hashem. We have to choose life and holiness. We have to be a light unto the nations. To do that we need to choose light.

We need to make the world ready for Moshiach. We need to realize that kelipa  is trying to rear its ugly head as we are in the last moments of galus, trying to confuse people and cause people to fall, chasve shalom. May Hashem give everyone the strength to stand up against kelipa and to do what is right. To say no to evil! To say  no to impurity. To add in light and holiness.

This is the task of each one of us. And we must not feel despair because the sign of Moshiach is an increase in darkness in the last moments of galus. That is a sign that soon we will have the greatest light possible. 

May this Shabbos, Shabbos nachamu, bring us true comfort from all our difficulties and may we merit the only real comfort, which is Moshiach tzidkenu.