What has become of our society? So many celebrities and politicians are suddenly speaking up in favor of abortion, trying to claim that nobody has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body. The entire discussion is taken out of context and twisted into a ridiculous argument.

This is not about women’s rights! This is about the baby’s right to live. Why is it nobody feels like the baby has any rights? Just because a baby cannot speak or express itself? Just because we cannot hear or see what is going on inside the womb??

Why is everyone trying to argue in favor of a woman’s body?? If a woman does not want her baby, she should be responsible enough not to become pregnant. But if she does become pregnant, she has to realize this is the will of G-d and every child is a gift and unless there is a medical reason to abort, one should accept this gift with happiness and take responsibility for one’s actions and choices in life, and also acknowledge that whatever happens is somehow meant to be and certainly an unborn baby should not be punished for anything.

By trying to justify abortion, society is actually fighting against G-d’s commandments. Abortion is murder. There is no other way to define it. And anybody who tries to support or justify abortion is approving of murdering an unborn child.

How can it be that our society would condone such a thing?

Well, as I said before, what has become of our society?

Hatred has become openly expressed. There is anti Semitism which is rampant and dangerous. No wonder teens or even adults feel that somehow they can justify going into a place of worship and murdering innocent people. It is all connected. If our society can justify murdering a baby inside its mother’s womb, then it is not a far cry from that  to feel it is okay, chasve shalom, to  murder innocent people inside a synagogue or anywhere else. 

It is time to put G-d back into society. To put morality and truth back into the world.

Only then can we expect to raise the next generation of moral, upstanding , good people.  A society that worships G-d rather than our own opinions, ideas and feelings.