Living in historic times

I think our generation is living in historic times… much upheaval in the world, so many changes. The death of Osama Bin Laden, yemach shemo, is obviously part of the process of geulah. The day he was killed, Chaf Ches Nissan, is the day the Lubavitcher Rebbe said his famous sicha about how he has done all that he can to bring the geulah and he is now turning the matter over to us….nevertheless he is still helping "behind the scenes" so to speak. One of those behind the scenes miracles is the downfall of Bin Laden.  
It is interesting to note that sadam hossein was captured on Yud Tes Kislev, another famous Chabad yom tov. 
There is a direct connection between the downfall of evil and the coming of Moshiach.
Arab nations are suddenly revolting….everything is in chaos (indicating the source of those nations: the world of tohu, chaos). 
All of these are signs that Moshiach is very close. We have to take advantage and pray and beg Hashem to bring redemption to the world.  The Rebbe never abandoned us and since he promised Moshiach is coming very soon, we can be sure it will happen. We just have to do our part, to participate in this great redemption, by refining ourselves, refining our corner of the world, and of course making others ready for the geulah. this is our task now and we have to be stubborn and not give up. We have to go forward and demand redemption because the world is ready and in need of salvation. Every day remember to pray that we should merit redemption. Every day ask yourself: What have I done or what am I doing to prepare myself, my family and my community for the geulah?