The war in Israel that broke out on one of the most joyous Jewish holidays, Simchat Torah…….the only good that can come out from such a tragedy is Moshiach. And part of bringing Moshiach is defeating the nation of Amalek. This is a war against Amalek! Amalek is the nation that fought against the Jewish people when they left Egypt, trying to cool off our enthusiasm for the miracles G-d did for us in Egypt. The words of Amalek equal bgematria to sofek, doubt. This is the tactic of Amalek: to sew doubt in the Jewish people, to try to cool off our enthusiasm and our trust in Hashem. Amalek does barbaric acts to cause people to wonder where is Hashem? Haman in the Purim story was a descendant of Amalek. Any nation that hates the Jews just because we are JEwish and seeks to destroy us comes from Amalek. There is no doubt the terrorists who perpetrated such barbaric acts of evil agains the Jews in Israel comes from Amalek. And it is a mitzva to destroy Amalek. This time the Israeli government should go full force ahead and eradicate the enemies. There is no other option. These terrorists are the personification of evil and must be stopped.

The greatest weapon the Jewish nation has is prayer: words of Torah and tefilla. We need to strengthen our trust in the Almighty and constantly pray for the safety of the soldiers and all the civilians in Israel. This war has brought the Jewish nation to a state of true unity, elevated us to a state of spiritual arousal and awakened within each of us a desire for revenge.

The Israeli army may not be the biggest army, but we are the strongest because G-d Almighty is with us . May we hear only good news from now on. May all the holiness that has been awakened from this terrible massacre bring the complete redemption with the coming of Moshiach.