When the Jewish people were in Egypt, we all were instructed by Moshe Rabbenu to quarantine in our houses the night of the Pesach seder until the morning. Nobody was allowed to leave their homes. Everyone put blood over the lintels of their houses so that Hashem would pass over their homes and strike the Egyptians.

Now as we are approaching Passover, it brings to mind this entire idea. Jews everywhere are quarantined now as we prepare for Pesach. May Hashem save everyone and bring the complete redemption through Moshiach. Just as the quarantine in Egypt led to going out of Egypt, so should the quarantine now lead to going out of galus! May we all prepare not only for Pesach, which includes getting rid of “chametz” (which spiritually means ego), but we also must prepare ourselves for redemption. Already we need to think in the mindset of Geula, in the mindset of redemption. May it all be with chesed and rachamim.