The more a govt tries to be politically “correct”, the more they tend to become morally wrong.  Politically correct basically means politics first. But usually morality, decency and kindness suffer and are put on the back burner.  And innocent people suffer.

An evil terrorist reared his ugly head and attempted to destroy an entire jewish family in Israel…. but through the kindness and mercy of Hashem, the husband was only slightly injured and his wife, although critically injured, is improving Baruch Hashem and will continue to improve to complete health. But their unborn child was killed. A tragedy! Not only for the parents of the baby but for the baby itself and actually for the entire Jewish nation.   A heart breaking tragedy. 

It did not have to be this way . If the Israeli govt would stand up strongly for truth and unashamedly tell the world that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews, there can never be negotiation for land and they need to show force against any form of terrorism the results would be very different. When Israel regains its strength the world will respect us and the terrorists will flee in terror, rather than trying to fight Israel through terror!

And in Strassbourg an evil person opened fire  killing and injuring innocent people. The police wanted to be “politically correct” and even though this criminal was on their watch list, they did not care: they let him out of prison. What was the use of being on a “watch list”??

The world needs to wake up and put an end to all evil and to terror. And the way to do that is with strength and with doing what G-d wants. Realizing there is a G-d in the world Who runs the show we need to do what is right, what is moral. We need to send the right message to all terrorists: a strong, uncompromising message. If every terrorist sees a strong, harsh reaction to terror they will give up their evil plans. If they get away with it, they are encouraged to do more.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe said just speaking about peace talks with the arabs will bring more terrorism. So when are we going to wake up and do the right thing???

No more politically “correct” (which anyway is not correct because it is just about pleasing world opinion). Now we need to become morally correct! Let’s all take up this cause and publicize this message to the world. Isnt it time for the world to stop pressuring Israel to capitulate to terrorists, to give up land for so called "peace", and to instead take a firm stand with Israel to defeat terror all over the world?