We are living in a generation where everyone feels entitled.  Everyone feels somehow the world owes them something. Everyone is looking to see what they can get from someone else, or get for free from the government etc.  Very few people try to see what they can do for others, how they can help and contribute to people, to society etc. 

We need to raise our children to understand THE WORLD OWES YOU NOTHING. You need to be grateful for being alive and for whatever blessings the Almighty bestows upon you. You need to be humble and to learn to live with gratitude.

In Pirkei avot we learn “Eyzehu ashir hasameach bchelko” (who is rich? He who is happy with his lot).

This is the secret to happiness. Not to become depressed,angry, frustrated or look down at yourself if you are not financially rich or living the kind of life your neighbors may be living. You need to compare only to others who have less than you, not to those who have more.

Someone once wrote to the Lubavitcher Rebbe that he was contemplating suicide and although he had many blessings and good in his life, he just did not feel happy and did not want to go on in life. The Rebbe wrote him back quite a sharp letter saying “You need to understand nobody owes you anything. Isnt it time to really appreciate what you have and think how you can give back?”
That was the basic underlying idea.

And this is what each of us must learn to do: sit down and truly thank God for our blessings each day, and think how can we give back. How can we please God? How can we contribute to make society better? How can we do things to make our families happier? 

When we learn to think of others, we no longer become self centered and thinking we deserve anything. We realize everything is AN UNDESERVED GIFT.